Caring for marble floors

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Caring for Marble Floors

Having been used throughout history as a famously high end and luxurious building material, marble is a durable and popular stone. But how do you care for it?
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A countertop that someone has maintained the shine of natural stone for.

How to Maintain the Shine of Your Natural Stone

Learn essential tips for maintaining the shine of your natural stone surfaces. Keep them looking radiant and beautiful with expert guidance.
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A room that has sealed granite counters.

4 Simple Steps for Sealing Granite Counters

Sealing granite countertops regularly protects the granite from stains, etches, and other damage. The good news is sealing granite is an easy do-it-yourself project.
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A picture of a cleaning a kitchen after a messy accident.

Your Guide to Cleaning Your Kitchen after a Major, Messy Accident

We’ve all been there: When something goes drastically wrong in your kitchen, it can fee...
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Granite Gold® Sealer Wipes & Shower Cleaner Win Good Housekeeping Cleaning Awards

Granite Gold® Sealer Wipes & Shower Cleaner Win Good Housekeeping Cleaning Awards

Born from a third-generation family of stone care experts, Granite Gold® Sealer Wipes &...
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An image displaying granite sealer and polish and cleaner.

Granite Cleaner and Polish: What's the Difference?

Even if you're a savvy homeowner and you have natural-stone countertops, you might not know the difference between cleaner vs. polish.
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The importance of granite stone shower sealing

The Importance of Natural Stone Shower Sealing to Protect Against Stains

After spending various hours spring cleaning your home, you need to clean yourself and ...
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ow to Buff Granite Countertops San Diego, CA

Natural Stone Sealing Tips and Tricks

Unlock the secrets to effective natural stone sealing. Preserve the beauty and longevity of your stone surfaces with expert tips and tricks.
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An image of how to seal marble countertops.

How to Seal Marble Countertops

Marble is a durable material, but it is not maintenance-free. In order to keep it safe from surface damage and staining, you need to know how to seal marble.
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Information About Granite And Etching

How to Differentiate Between Staining and Etching

Two of the most common forms of damage to natural-stone countertops comes in the form of staining and etching. But how do you differentiate between the two?
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An image of a slate surface.

Common Issues to Avoid When Caring for Your Slate

Slate has been a staple building material for hundreds of years. Learn the common pitfalls to watch out for when caring for your slate surface.
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How to disinfect your granite and other natural stone

How to Disinfect Granite and Other Natural Stone

Safely disinfect your granite and natural stone surfaces. Follow our expert guide to maintain cleanliness without compromising their quality.
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Waiting After Sealing Granite Countertops San Diego, CA

How Long Do You Need to Wait After Sealing a Granite Countertop?

Learn how long to wait after sealing your granite countertops or surfaces. Follow expert guidelines for optimal protection and results.
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What if Stone Isn't Sealed San Diego, CA

What Could Happen if You Fail to Seal Your Stone Countertops?

The importance of frequently sealing natural-stone surfaces is something archaeologists...
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Tips for Sealing Marble Countertops San Diego, CA

How to Properly Seal Your Marble Counters

Whether you choose to install marble in your house or inherit this natural stone from a...
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How to Use Stone Sealer San Diego, CA

Strategies for Using Natural-Stone Sealant

Maximize protection for your natural stone surfaces. Learn the proper application techniques of natural stone sealer for enhanced durability.
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Sealing Outdoor Stone

Do You Need to Seal Outdoor Stone?

As one of the oldest construction materials still in use today, natural stone can be fo...
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What Happens If You Neglect Sealing Stone Counters

What Could Happen If You Neglect Sealing Stone Counters?

It's important to seal granite, marble, and other porous natural stone often to keep li...
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Water Test

A Simple Water Test Lets You Know If It’s Time to Seal Your Granite

At Granite Gold®, we believe you can never seal your granite too often for superior pro...
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How Often Granite Counters be Sealed

How Often Do You Seal Granite Counters?

In its natural form, granite is already strong, durable, and attractive. Wondering how often do you seal granite? Learn more.
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