Spring Cleaning: The Blog's Best Tips

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Just seven days to go, and it's officially spring. We know many of you are still waiting for all the snow to melt, but with March 20 just around the corner, we can all be hopeful for more sunshine and the sights, sounds and smells of spring's fresh air.

In putting together our tips for spring cleaning, we thought it best to share the best and most sought-after from our blog.

9 Helpful Spring Cleaning Blogs from Granite Gold®

  1. Our dear friend, Coryanne Ettiene, talks about "spring cleaning with a more sensible, measured attack" in Coryanne Ettiene Tackles Spring Cleaning
  2. We help take out some of the angst in shower cleaning in Shower Cleaning Isn't Easy
  3. Always our most popular post, Three Easy Essential Steps to Caring for Your Natural Stone helps you maintain the beauty of your stone
  4. Polishing Granite to Maintain That Original Shine talks about the origins of polishing before the stone is installed in the home
  5. Grout Cleaning is a Dirty Job, and we make it a little less scary
  6. Avoid dragging objects across stone floors. Lift, don’t drag, to avoid scratching stone floors – just some of the tips in How to Clean Stone Floors
  7. Cleaning limestone, travertine, or slate – the most popular natural stones for outdoor uses such as walks and patios – requires just as much care and attention to detail as granite or other natural stones inside the home. Learn how That Stone Walk and Patio Need Special Care, Too
  8. We’re constantly asked how often granite and other natural stones should be sealed. A Drop of Water Reveals if Your Stone is at Risk
  9. And spring cleaning doesn’t have to be that difficult; here’s how we’re helping make it Even Easier for Busy Homeowners

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