Demonstration of how to clean grout.

How To Clean Grout: Tips For Natural Stone Flooring

If you have natural stone flooring, it's important to know how to clean grout so that you don't damage your floors. In this article, we teach you how to properly clean grout.
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5 Affordable Ways to Improve Your Kitchen’s Appearance and Functionality

Many families around the world tend to spend the bulk of their time at home in the kitchen. Learn how to improve its appearance and functionality.
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Stone Care Experts Weigh In: Cleaning Porcelain Grout the Right Way

Stone Care Experts Weigh In: Cleaning Porcelain Grout the Right Way

Learn how to care for your granite stone surfaces in just three simple steps. Preserve their beauty and durability with expert advice.
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A tile after using tile grout cleaner.

Tile Grout Cleaner: How Much Cleaning Is Too Much?

Think about it: Grout is a sandy, porous substance. Much like the relentless, powerful ...
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Caring of Showers Made of Natural Stone

How to Clean Grout in the Shower

OK, so you have a tiled shower. Do you want the good news or the bad news first? Well, ...
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Cleaning grout image on natural stone.

The Basics of Grout Cleaning and Care

Keeping your tile looking its best doesn't just mean cleaning and caring for the tile itself, the grout in between needs some love too. Learn all about grout cleaning.
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Safe Way to Clean Grout on Natural-Stone Flooring San Diego, CA

5 Mistakes People Make When Cleaning Their Grout

If you look at architectural trends over time, it's hard to find anything more consiste...
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Removing Dry Grout Between Stone Floor Tiles San Diego, CA

5 Things to Avoid Using When Cleaning Grout

Stone tiles are an attractive option for floors, showers, countertops, and more. They c...
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Can You Safely Use Bleach on Grout Around Natural Stone San Diego, CA

Is Bleach Unsafe to Use on Grout Between Stone Tiles?

As a pervasive natural organism, mold often manages to form colonies within grouting, t...
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Removing Dry Grout Between Stone Floor Tiles San Diego, CA

How to Get Rid of Dried Grout on Your Stone Floor Tiles

Grouting is part of natural-stone tile installations. The only way to avoid it is by op...
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Tips for Sealing Grout Between Tiles San Diego, CA

How to Seal the Grout Between Your Natural-Stone Tiles

Nearly all homeowners know natural-stone tiles and slabs need to be cleaned and sealed ...
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Reasons to Seal Grout

Why You Should Seal Grout

While carefully sealed natural stone is resistant to stains and damage, the appearance ...
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Ways to Get Rid of Grout Haze on Your Stone Tiles

How to Get Rid of Grout Haze on Your Stone Tiles

Installing tile can be a messy job, and the grout has a way of getting everywhere. Grou...
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How to Clean the Grout Between Natural Stone Tiles

Cleaning the Grout Between Natural Stone Tiles

Even the most beautiful granite or marble can look lackluster and unattractive next to ...
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5 Mistakes People Make Instead of Using an Appropriate Grout Cleaner

Stone tiles are understandably one of the most popular choices among homeowners As such, it's imperative to choose a safe and appropriate grout cleaner to care for them.
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An image that says "Ask the Experts" for a blog about top spring cleaning tips.

Spring Cleaning: The Blog's Best Tips

Learn the top spring cleaning tips from our experts. Spring cleaning doesn't have to be that difficult with the Granite Gold® family!
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