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This metal protection spray makes it easy to protect metal furniture from rust and weathering! It creates a protective coating for metal that repels water, prevents rust, and discourages the growth of mold, mildew, and fungi. Plus, this metal protectant spray is easy to apply - just spray it on and let it dry. 

Most metal protective coatings are difficult to apply and change the look of your furniture. However, this clear protective spray for metal maintains your furniture's original look while still providing superior protection. 

So don't let the elements ruin your beautiful furniture - use this metal protection spray to keep it looking new! 

Key Features

  • Inhibits rust and corrosion that can damage metal furniture over time
  • Seals metal and repels water to slow down the weathering process
  • Maintains metal’s original appearance
  • Forms an invisible barrier against mold, mildew and fungi*
  • Makes cleaning easier
  • Made in USA
*forms a coating that contains a preservative to resist the growth of mold, mildew and fungi on the surface of the coating

How to Use

Clean the Surface

Make sure the surface is clean.

Remove Accessories

Remove any cushions or other accessories that might be attached to the furniture.

Spray The Protector

Once the surface is clean, keep the aerosol can 10-12 inches cm from the surface, and spray the protector using a back-and-forth motion to cover the surface evenly.


How do you keep metal from rusting outside?
When exposed to water and oxygen, metal will start to rust. So make sure to wipe off any dirt, mud, and water from metal surfaces as soon as possible. You can also prevent rust by regularly applying a metal protective coating like Guardsman Weather Defense Metal Protector.
What protects metal from rusting?
Coatings for metal form a physical barrier against water and oxygen, both of which cause rust. For example, paint is a common coating that does a good job of preventing rust, as it forms a physical barrier. However, paint can chip and peel over time, exposing the metal underneath to corrosion. A metal protective coating like Guardsman Weather Defense Metal Protector will last longer and provide better protection against rust without changing its appearance.
Which metal is most resistant to rust?
Some metals are more resistant to rust than others. For example, aluminum and stainless steel are very resistant to rust. However, even aluminum can corrode under the right conditions, losing its beautiful, glossy finish.
How do you seal metal patio furniture?
Sealing metal patio furniture is essential to prevent weathering. Before applying a protective coating for metal outdoor furniture, make sure your patio furniture is clean. Then, use the outdoor metal furniture protector by following the instructions in the following FAQ question.
What is the right way to use this product?
Guardsman Weather Defense Metal Protector is easy to use – spray it on and let it dry. Click here to watch the video tutorial.


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