Furniture Repair Kit for Wood Furniture

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The Guardsman Furniture Repair Kit is the easiest way to conceal scratches, worn edges, and gouges on wood furniture. The kit includes the Brown Wood Finish Touch-Up Markers and the Wood Repair Filler Sticks, which cover imperfections and blend to match your wood furniture's finish. The markers dry in seconds, and the filler sticks are easy to use and won't shrink, dry out, discolor, or rub off on your clothing. 

Repair your wood surfaces the way furniture restoration experts do with the Guardsman Furniture Repair Kit. 

    How to Use

    Touch Up Markers: Apply Color

    Start with the lightest color. Working with the grain, apply color to the problem area wiping away excess after each stroke. If still too light repeat with medium marker. Wait 5 minutes before polishing.

    Filler Sticks:

    Select the filler stick that best matches the wood finish. Gently fill damaged area; Avoid Surrounding areas. Remove excess filler. With a plastic straightedge or by buffing with a towel.


    How do I touch up scratches on wood furniture?
    The wood repair kit includes two products: the touch-up markers and the filler sticks. The touch-up markers are good for hiding scratches that are not too deep. The filler sticks are better for hiding deeper scratches.
    How much does furniture repair cost?
    Hiring a furniture restoration expert to repair your furniture can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. This professional wood furniture repair kit is a cost-effective way to repair your furniture for a fraction of the cost. The results are exceptional and long-lasting, and the imperfections will be concealed for years.
    When should I use the touch-up markers, and when should I use the filler sticks?
    The touch-up markers are best for concealing surface-level scratches, worn edges, and small gouges. They restore color and blend in with the wood grain to match your furniture's finish. The filler sticks are best for deep scratches, gouges, chips, and nail holes. They work by filling in the imperfection and bringing back a smooth, even finish.
    How do you touch up furniture stains?
    You can use the touch-up markers to touch up wood furniture stains. The markers come in three shades: light, medium, and dark. Choose the shade that best matches the color of your furniture to touch up the area. For best results when touching up water stains, consider using the Guardsman Water Mark Remover, a different product specifically made for removing water stains.


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