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This fabric protector spray for furniture keeps your fabrics looking new and beautiful year after year. It's perfect for patio furniture, outdoor cushions, couches, and more. Not only does this furniture fabric protector repel water and block out stains - it makes cleaning your fabrics easy! Plus, it dries in one hour, and applying it is painless, so you can return to using your furniture in no time.

Only settle for the best fabric protector spray for outdoor furniture. Choose Guardsman to save time, money, and, most importantly - your fabrics.

Remember to:

  • Always use the product outdoors.
  • Keep cushions and non-fabric surfaces away from the spray to prevent overspray. If overspray occurs, clean the surface with a dry cloth.
  • Allow 1 hour to dry, then reapply.
  • Reapply every six months for optimal protection.

Key Features

  • Repels damaging moisture and most of the common outdoor stains
  • Makes cleaning easier
  • Effective on most outdoor fabric and resin wicker
  • Will not affect the appearance or breathability of fabric
  • Reapply every 6 months for optimal protection.
  • Forms an invisible barrier against mold, mildew and fungi
  • Recommended by furniture makers
  • Made in USA

How to Use

Clean The Surface

Make sure the surface is clean.

Remove Accessories

Remove any cushions or other accessories that might be attached to the furniture.

Spray The Protector

Once the surface is clean, keep the aerosol can 10-12 in from the surface, and spray the protector using a back-and-forth motion to cover the surface evenly.


Is fabric protection on furniture worth it?
The answer is a resounding yes! Not only does fabric protection make your furniture last longer, but it also makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze. No more worrying about spills - no more hours spent scrubbing and trying to remove tough stains. With Guardsman Weather Defense Fabric Protector, you can finally relax and enjoy your furniture without worry.
How to protect fabric furniture?
There are several ways to protect your fabric furniture, such as quickly wiping up spills, vacuuming regularly, and avoiding placing hot or wet items directly on the fabric. But the best way to protect your fabrics is with a quality fabric protector spray for outdoor furniture.
How to protect fabric furniture from stains?
A quality fabric protector spray will create an invisible barrier on the fabric's surface that repels water and blocks out stains. Stains happen when liquids penetrate the fibers of the fabric, so by repelling liquids, a fabric protector spray can effectively prevent stains.
How do you use a fabric spray protector?
Guardsman fabric protector for outdoor furniture is easy to use – spray it on and let it dry. Click here to watch the video tutorial.
How long does fabric protection last?
Achieving optimal fabric protection for furniture requires reapplication every six months. However, you can't overprotect your furniture. Depending on how often your furniture is used and if there are regular spills, you may need to reapply the fabric protector spray more frequently. In summary: Don't wait more than six months to reapply the fabric protection spray, and you should be good to go. If you notice regular spills or heavy use, reapply more frequently.


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