5 Affordable Ways to Improve Your Kitchen’s Appearance and Functionality


Many families around the world tend to spend the bulk of their time at home in the kitchen. The kitchen is more than just where people cook or eat; it’s also where we gather, spend time together, and in today’s world, it’s also where some work and attend school. With so much going on in the kitchen, it’s important to make sure that it’s looking and functioning at its best. When your kitchen looks good, you’ll want to spend time there. You’ll also want to show it off when entertaining. And when it’s functioning efficiently, it can help make your life a little easier every day. If your kitchen has been needing a little TLC lately, consider using these 5 affordable ways to improve its appearance and its functionality.

Make Sure You’re Cleaning It Properly

This may seem like a simple thing, but did you know that many of the materials we use in the kitchen can’t be cleaned and maintained using common household cleaners? And even those that can might not end up looking their best. This includes everything from stainless-steel appliances to wood cabinets and floors, and also granite and other stone countertops. All these materials can be improved simply by switching to a product or cleaner that is made for that material. For example, Clean & Shine will help your granite or quartz countertops maintain their appearance, while things like oil soap can help improve your wood surfaces.

Install a New Backsplash

The backsplash is the single most decorative feature in the kitchen. And while it does play a role in helping to keep your walls clean, its main purpose is to be decorative and stylish. Updating it can give your entire kitchen a new look, without needing to do anything invasive.


Backsplashes are very easy to replace. They can also handle nearly any material from glass and mirrors to beadboard or stone. If your kitchen just looks a little dated, replacing your backsplash with a more modern version can give the entire space a face lift. Backsplashes can cost from as low as $5/square foot for a basic porcelain backsplash to around $30 per square foot for an average glass or stone backsplash.

Add a Chalkboard Wall Feature

If you have a busy family life, consider adding a chalkboard wall feature to the kitchen. Doing so can have a lot of benefits, and it costs less than $10 to create. With a chalkboard wall, you have a convenient place to leave messages, make grocery lists, or even just showcase some fun chalk art. If your kids are at home, you can even use it for a quick math lesson. To really make the feature stand out, get some inexpensive wood molding, and affix it to the wall around the chalkboard paint. It will look more professional, without breaking the bank. 

Clean grout

Clean and Maintain Grout

Many kitchen designs include tiles on either the walls or floors. The grout between the tiles often has a buildup of dirt which most homeowners fail to maintain. Added to this, the kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the house, so it often gets a lot of traffic and grout tends to get dirtier than other places in the house, so it may end up needing more attention. If attended to regularly, it can keep your kitchen looking fresh and clean, and keep the grout lasting longer. Sanded grout works better for hiding dirt and maintenance will serve its durability. Another option is to add a color sealant to lighter colors to help hide inevitable grime. You can maintain grout yourself with our Grout Cleaner, which is also safe on tiles. This is an extremely easy and affordable way of sprucing up the kitchen and will have impactful results.

Change Out Your Hardware

If your cabinets are in good shape but maybe aren’t the most stylish around, consider just swapping out your hardware for a fresher look. Smooth surfaces are easier to clean and using antimicrobial materials will reduce the need for such regular deep cleaning. Knobs and pulls come in a wide range of different materials, shapes, sizes, and colors. Prices can vary too, but knobs, hinges and handles can cost as low as $1, up to $100. Mix it up and have a little fun by adding a fresh color, contrasting finish, or a whimsical shape to your cabinet doors. This is something easy to do that will only take a few minutes but can really have a big impact on the way your kitchen looks.

Update Your Kitchen in Looks and Function

It doesn’t need to take a lot of time or money to give your kitchen a little boost in appearance or function. Try any or all these 5 tips to help improve your kitchen and make it a place you really want to spend some time in.

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