Get Your Home Ready for Fall Guests with Granite Gold®

A family getting ready for fall guests.

With the fall upon us, we find that the weather is getting cooler. With that, those dinner parties and holiday gatherings tend to be brought indoors. Like many people, when it comes to preparing for those parties and holiday guests, I like to ensure that my house is presentable and clean. I like to go through each room, ensuring that floors are clean, the windows are washed, and that the counters in both the kitchen and restrooms are also clean.

Preparing for Fall House Guests

The thing is, like many, for each of the areas that I go to clean, I want to ensure that I am using the products that are meant for various surfaces, allowing me to get that clean that I am seeking. So when I was sent the Granite Gold® Clean & Shine from Granite Gold® I was curious to see how it would work on my granite counter tops and also use it to get my home fall ready for guests!

Cleaning the Kitchen

To get started with trying out the Granite Gold Clean & Shine®, I began by cleaning the counter tops in my kitchen. I first cleaned an area on my counters with the all in one cleaner that I have been using on my counters, then right next to that area I cleaned with the Granite Gold Clean & Shine®. The first thing I noticed after cleaning both areas was that there were no streaks left behind on the area of counter space where I used the Granite Gold Clean & Shine®. This was noticeable because in the area where I used my all in one cleaner, there were noticeable streaks that were left behind.

A family enjoying a fall dinner at a table.

I also noticed that after both areas had dried, that the area of counter space where I used the Granite Gold Clean & Shine®, shone under the lights in my kitchen, giving the granite a like new look to it, compared to the other side where you could see what appeared to be a residue left behind that also dulled the shine of the granite.

The Granite Gold® Difference

The difference is one that is noticeable because with the Granite Gold Clean & Shine®, I not only get a great cleaner to use on my counter tops both in the kitchen and in our restrooms where we have granite counters, but it also polished the granite as well. I liked that this was not a polish that I had to really work hard at getting a good shine with either. Instead, I was able to both clean and polish my counters at the same time by simply wiping them down after spraying some of the Granite Gold Clean & Shine® on them!

I found that this is possible because the Granite Gold Clean & Shine® is combined with the power of Granite Gold Daily Cleaner® and fused with the strength of Granite Gold Polish®. Making it a 2 in 1 cleaner that does more than just clean your surfaces.

All About Granite Gold® Clean & Shine

Then when it comes to the cleaner aspect itself, I like that it is safe to use on food preparation surfaces, it contains no phosphates or ammonia, and is pH balanced! Which is what makes the Granite Gold® Clean & Shine from Granite Gold®, my new cleaner when it comes to giving my counters that clean that leaves them noticeably shiny!

Pumpkins on a granite countertop.

So if you are seeking out a cleaner for your counter spaces that are made of materials such as granite, marble, travertine, limestone, slate, tile and surfaces like Corian® and quartz, then be sure to get that clean and shine you are after with Granite Gold Clean & Shine® from Granite Gold®.

You can find Granite Gold® Clean & Shine as well as other products from the Granite Gold® line at Walmart stores nationwide. To find a store near you, use the store locator.



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