4 Things to Keep in Mind When Buffing Your Granite Counters

Buffing countertops shown through a clean counter.

Homeowners who choose granite countertops often request a honed and polished finish for their stone. The ultra-glossy look of darker granite is very popular in the kitchen and in the bathrooms. Center islands and vanities topped with deep black, brown or green granite will look very sharp, especially when the stone features dramatic veining patterns. Shiny granite countertops will look even shinier with the right combination of polishing products and techniques. Here are four things you should know about keeping your granite surfaces looking lustrous all the time.

1. Choose the Right Granite Polishing Product

Quite a few of the polishing products used for ceramic, laminate and hardwood surfaces contain wax and abrasive substances that should never be applied to granite, marble, travertine and other natural-stone surfaces. The problem with common polishing products like the ones you usually get from supermarkets is that they can damage granite and other types of natural stone. What you need instead is a specially formulated granite polish. Granite Gold® offers various options specifically formulated for natural stone: Granite Gold Polish® 24-ounce spray, Granite Gold Clean & Shine® 24-ounce spray and Granite Gold Polishing Wipes®. Granite Gold Clean & Shine® is ideal for homeowners with busier lifestyles, as it’s a combination cleaner and polish, while both the spray and wipes versions of Granite Gold Polish® are recommended for maximum shine. If you'd like to learn more about Granite Gold Polish®, watch this quick video:

2. Polish After Sealing

Though you can apply a granite polish or a granite clean and shine product as often as you’d like, one of the best times to do this is after sealing your granite or other natural stone. You can determine the strength and freshness of the seal by pouring water on the countertops in small puddles about three inches in diameter. Set a timer for 30 minutes and watch for a surface reaction. If you notice dark rings forming on the stone before the 30 minutes is up, this will let you know a fresh coat of Granite Gold Sealer® should be applied before polishing. Keep in mind the countertops should be thoroughly clean before you apply the sealant, and the sealant should be left to cure for 24 hours before polishing.

3. Know the Right Way to Polish Granite

If you don’t know how to polish natural stone such as granite, here are some quick tips. Use a lint-free, microfiber cloth to get the glossiest results. Start out by wiping and working the polish into the stone and finish with a separate cloth to ensure the surface is completely dry and free of streaks. Granite Gold® products can safely be used on food preparation surfaces.

4. Wash Your Buffing Cloth with Care

The cloth you use to buff your countertops can be washed along with other cotton garments, but only with liquid detergent and never with bleach. Reserve the use of this cloth for applying polish. Don’t use it for other cleaning chores.

For more information on polishing granite and other types of natural stone such as marble, limestone, and slate, reach out to the Stone Care Experts at Granite Gold® at 1-800-475-STONE (7866). All of our cleaning, sealing, and polishing products are safe to use on all types of natural stone.


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