An image of a grill and how to care for natural stone outdoors.

Essential Checklist for Caring for Outdoor Natural Stone

Outdoor natural stone is the ideal addition to any outdoor bar or kitchen, as it often complements the natural beauty of landscaping.
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How to Clean the Grout Between Natural Stone Tiles

Cleaning the Grout Between Natural Stone Tiles

Even the most beautiful granite or marble can look lackluster and unattractive next to ...
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Granite Gold Products®

3 Steps to Care for Your Granite and Stone Surfaces

Learn how to care for your granite stone surfaces in just three simple steps. Preserve their beauty and durability with expert advice.
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The Differences Between Natural and Engineered Stone

What Are the Differences Between Natural and Engineered Stone?

Some homeowners aren't aware they are buying a lab-made stone when they buy new counter...
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Deciding Between Getting Quartz or Granite for Your Home

Quartz or Granite: Which Should You Get for Your Home?

Granite has been the go-to luxury countertop material for over a decade, but other type...
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Granite Gold Polish®

Get Your Best Shine with Natural Stone

Discover how to achieve the best shine for your stone surfaces. Follow expert advice and bring out the natural luster of your stone.
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Granite Gold Products® that help rejuvenate your stone surfaces.

Rejuvenate Your Stone Surfaces

Over time, your granite can lose its shine. It's not surprising. Life happens, and your...
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Advice for Hiring a Granite Installer

5 Tips for Hiring a Granite Installer

Some types of countertops can be installed with little experience or expertise, but nat...
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Ways to Choose the Right Color of Granite for Your Home

How to Choose the Right Color of Granite for Your Home

Granite comes in several different color options, from neutral blacks, browns, and whit...
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Questions that New Granite Homeowners Commonly Have

7 Common Questions for Homeowners Who Are New to Granite

Granite has been all the rage for many years, spreading not only from kitchen counterto...
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Latest Trends for Adding Granite to Your Home

Newest Trends for Using Granite in the Home

Granite countertops have been a top pick among homeowners for many years, but there are...
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Granite Cleaning Scrub

How to Care for Granite Tile Flooring

Tile flooring made from granite, travertine, marble, and other types of natural stone i...
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Reasons You Shouldn't Install Granite Counters Yourself

Why You Shouldn’t Install Granite Counters Yourself

Nothing compares to the classic beauty of granite, marble, travertine, or any other nat...
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Why you Should Use Granite for Your Backyard Bar

5 Benefits of Using Granite for a Backyard Bar

An outdoor bar is the ideal way to enjoy beautiful weather, have fun with friends, and ...
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Clean Polish And Stoen Surfaces

Cleaning & Rejuvenating Granite

If you have granite or other natural stone surfaces in your home, you are probably look...
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How To Clean Food Particles off Granite Countertops

How Do You Clean Food Particles on Granite Countertops?

There's nothing like the beauty of natural-stone countertops, but granite is a porous s...
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Clean & Shine

Cleaning & Polishing Granite With One Bottle of Granite Gold®

Our first two houses had laminate and tile counters, which are pretty easy to clean. Ou...
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Tips For Cleaning Marble Surfaces

Tips For Cleaning Marble Surfaces

My house gets messy, and I mean messy. It’s no wonder, since 6 males occupy it but that...
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Water Test

A Simple Water Test Lets You Know If It’s Time to Seal Your Granite

At Granite Gold®, we believe you can never seal your granite too often for superior pro...
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Granite Gold Polish®

5 Things to Remember When Polishing Granite & Other Types of Stone

When your granite countertops or shower tiles were installed, you were likely advised t...
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