Advantages of Installing Natural Stone in a Kitchen

Natural Stone Ideas
If you're planning to remodel your kitchen, you have seemingly endless options in terms of materials and style. Despite the benefits of today's trendy countertop materials, there are many good reasons to opt for a material that never goes out of style: natural stone. When you choose natural stone for your kitchen, you are selecting a material that will last as long as the home and remain in demand decades from now. Here are some of the many benefits of incorporating natural stone into your kitchen.

Attractive to Buyers

Natural stone is desirable among homebuyers because it adds a luxurious style to the kitchen. Buyers also appreciate the durability of stone along with its minimal maintenance requirements. These traits can all increase the marketability and value of your home at resale. If you're going to invest money in a remodel, the kitchen is also the place to do it. Buyers tend to focus on kitchens and bathrooms, and a moderate renovation can give you a return of up to 95 percent.


Many countertop options on the market today can be tempting because they are easier to install or have a lower cost than stone, but this comes at a price. These countertops often contain chemicals and plastics that contribute to greenhouse gases. They also lack the long life and durability of stone, and they are very difficult to recycle when they reach the end of their use. With natural stone, you are buying a product without manmade properties for a truly eco-friendly decision.


There aren't many countertop or flooring options that can last longer than your home, but when maintained properly, natural stone like granite and travertine can deliver on this promise. Unlike solid surface, tile, laminate, and butcher block, natural stone can last for many decades and retain its beauty and finish with very little maintenance. Natural stone can meet the demands of the busiest kitchen without showing signs of wear.

Durable and Sanitary

If you want a sanitary and durable surface to prepare meals, natural stone is the perfect option. Stone like granite, which is one of the hardest stones in nature, is incredibly heat and scratch resistant, something that cannot always be said of butcher block, laminate, or solid surface countertops. Natural stone is highly resistant to bacteria for a sanitary prep surface, and it can be sealed for even greater protection and cleanliness. However, if you still want to disinfect the stone in your kitchen, make sure to avoid combination products that promise to clean and disinfect because they typically leave streaks and can be harmful on natural stone. Instead, mix mild antibacterial dish soap with warm water and apply to the surface, then use Granite Gold Daily Cleaner® to prevent or remove streaks.


No one wants to spend unnecessary time on home maintenance and cleaning. With natural stone, your countertops or flooring can maintain their beautiful finish with very little care. Granite and other types of stone can be cleaned daily with a stone-safe granite countertop cleaner like Granite Gold Daily Cleaner®. Stone should be sealed regularly, which can be done by applying Granite Gold Sealer® directly to the surface in small sections and buffing until dry. You will not need to worry about refinishing, sanding, or repairing the stone as long as you follow basic care instructions. If you’d like to learn more about how to clean granite and other types of natural stone like marble, limestone, and travertine, get in touch with the Stone Care Experts at Granite Gold®. We carry a wide variety of high-quality stone care products that can keep the stone in your home looking beautiful for many years to come. Give us a call today at 1-800-475-STONE.

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