5 Reasons Marble Is a Great Choice for the Bathroom

Why Marble Is Great for Bathrooms
A few weeks after the tragic passing of celebrity chef and television star Anthony Bourdain, the upscale apartment he kept in Manhattan was listed for rent at more than $14,000 per month. Bourdain was known to prefer natural-stone countertops over stainless steel food preparation tables, which is why it’s not surprising to learn that his New York City apartment featured Italian white marble not only in the kitchen but also in the two bathrooms. We are talking about floor-to-ceiling marble, including the shower stalls and tub surrounds. While virtually all homeowners appreciate the beauty of marble, many won’t consider installing it in their bathrooms because of the high porosity of this natural stone. In nature, marble is known to stain under acid rain. At home, hard water can quickly form stains on marble tiles and slabs, but this can be easily avoided with proper care and maintenance. Here are five reasons you should choose marble for your bathrooms. 1. Timeless Beauty The bathhouses of ancient Rome were decorated with mosaic arrangements made of marble. These structures were built on hot springs where travertine was abundant, but the importance of bathing rituals called for Roman architects to order stylish marble brought in from the Carrara village of Tuscany. Marble has been a mainstay of decorative materials in bathrooms ever since. 2. Extreme Versatility for Interior Décor Whether your style is classic or modern, rustic or sleek, marble will look great in your bathroom. If you have natural or laminate wood accents, you’ll want marble tiles with a brushed finish. If you have chrome or brushed steel fixtures, polished marble will be perfect on countertops, tub surrounds, and shower walls. 3. Increased Property Value Marble bathrooms will catch the eye of real estate appraisers when they evaluate your home, particularly if they determine yours is one of the few properties in the neighborhood that has this feature. A higher property value translates into equity, which in turn results in a more profitable resale value and makes it easier to refinance an existing mortgage. 4. Attractive to Prospective Buyers Many homeowners limit their marble installations to kitchen countertops because this is a focal point when real estate agents show the property, but a single marble slab in the center island can become too monolithic. If you want to grab the attention of buyers, particularly women, marble in the bathrooms is the way to go. 5. Easy Maintenance The marble found in the ancient Roman bathhouses eventually lost its magnificent appearance over time because sealant did not exist when the bathhouses were built and would not be formulated until centuries later. These days, you can easily protect marble by cleaning it with a marble and granite cleaner and sealing it regularly as well. If you have a marble shower, make sure to clean it regularly with Granite Gold Shower Cleaner®. At Granite Gold®, we offer a wide array of products that are safe to use on natural stone, including marble, granite, travertine, and limestone. Call one of our knowledgeable representatives today at 1-800-475-STONE (7866).

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