How to Clean Granite Countertops in 3 Easy Steps

How to Clean Granite Countertops in 3 Easy Steps
Published by Our Family World Magazine, August 31, 2018. Natural-stone countertops are a popular choice of material for homeowners when it comes to adding value and beauty to their property. While natural stone is a hard, durable surface, its metamorphic properties are susceptible to various elements and wear and tear.

DIY Countertop Cleaning

As organic and DIY cleaners are gaining popularity, lemon juice and vinegar are emerging as the preferred cleaning products. While these two solutions work well on a variety of applications, they pose a dangerous threat to natural stone – the highly acidic content will wear away natural stone’s protective seal and dull the professional finish, leading to costly repair and replacement. Additionally, just using mild soapy water is not enough – the combination isn’t formulated to clean natural stone and it’s prone to leaving streaks. Proper care of granite, marble, travertine and all other natural-stone surfaces will make them last longer and retain their attractive finish. Having grown up in the stone industry, we learned firsthand the importance of a basic three-step process for proper care and maintenance of stone surfaces: Clean, Seal and Polish.

Three Steps For Beautiful Natural Stone Countertops

  1. Clean the countertops
  2. Seal the countertops
  3. Polish the countertops

How To Clean Granite Countertops, STEP 1

First, use a safe-on-stone cleaner like Granite Gold Daily Cleaner®. Daily or as-needed cleaning of your countertops will reduce dirt, oil penetration, and water spotting. Simply spray and wipe to get a clean surface!

How To Seal Granite Countertops, STEP 2

Next, seal your stone with Granite Gold Sealer®. The sealer makes it easy to do yourself. Frequently sealing provides maximum protection against stains, etching and soil build-up. We’re often asked how often natural stone should be sealed. Some in the industry will say once a year; others maybe twice annually. Truth is, you can’t over-seal natural stone. When to reseal varies on a number of factors. The best way to know if/when you need to re-seal is through a simple water test. Pour water (about 3 inches in diameter) on the surface in several locations and let it sit for 30 minutes.
granite gold water test
Simple Water Test
If you see a dark mark or ring, the water is penetrating the stone and it’s time to reseal. Don’t forget to check for etching and stains as well before sealing your stone surfaces. You’ll want to fix these issues before the sealant is applied.

How To Polish Granite Countertops, STEP 3

Finally, after sealing, wait 24 hours to polish with Granite Gold Polish®. Polishing will bring out stone’s natural beauty and provide ongoing protection against water spots and fingerprints. You can also polish shower walls and tub surrounds to help prevent soap scum build-up. Do not use on floors, which can become slippery.


Natural stone can last a lifetime if taken care of safely and properly. In three, easy steps you can do just that yourself. Visit Granite Gold® to learn more or Ask the Experts for stone-care tips. Granite Gold® products are available at Bed Bath & Beyond, Amazon, and Use the store locator to find the location nearest you. Follow Granite Gold® on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram for tips and advice on maintaining your stone.

About Granite Gold Inc.

Granite Gold® is the brainchild of cousins Lenny Sciarrino and Lenny Pellegrino, whose grandfather moved to the United States in the 1950s, bringing with him an Italian heritage known for expertise in the stone industry that he passed on to generations. We’re passionate about both stone and proper stone care, and our products are formulated for and tested on all natural-stone surfaces before bringing them to market.

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