3 Reasons Natural Stone Is Popular Among Landscape Architects

Landscape Architects Preference for Natural Stone

If you hire a reputable landscape design firm to handle an outdoor project in your property, chances are the architect will include the use of natural stone in the proposal. In fact, most landscape architects may even go as far as to question your choice of a concrete garden path when tumbled limestone slabs, paver bricks, or tiles could be used instead. There are quite a few reasons landscape architects insist upon using natural stone, and here are three of them.

1. A Timeless Tradition

Although the history of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon is not conclusive, many archaeologists believe there were various royal gardens in Nineveh, where the modern and embattled city of Mosul in Iraq is located these days. Ancient wall engravings, bas relief artifacts, and scrolls suggest the gardens of Nineveh had natural-stone pillars, stairs, fountains, and even aqueducts. This limited history was enough to convince ancient Greeks and Romans to tend royal gardens decorated with natural stone, an architectural trend that would later be incorporated into residential construction. In France, the Gardens of Versailles and the Fontainebleau Palace are examples of formal gardens that have retained many of their original natural-stone structures over many centuries, and the same can be said about other famous gardens such as Yuyuan in China and Shalimar in Pakistan.

2. The Unique Look

Mother Nature is the most talented designer. The process of choosing a natural stone is something landscape architects and homeowners tend to thoroughly enjoy because of the sheer variety of patterns, colors, and designs they encounter. When designing a garden, an outdoor swimming pool area, or a patio lounge, landscape architects choose natural stone because they want to make the space feel as natural as possible. Manmade construction materials will never match the aesthetic harmony of natural stone installed along with vegetation. If your project calls for planting flowers of various colors, you can easily find travertine, bluestone, slate, or sandstone of a lighter tone that provides a nice contrast for the species you choose.

3. Durability and Ease of Maintenance

Landscape architects know natural stone is a wise investment for homeowners because this construction material is attractive and durable. Homebuyers know natural stone tends to last longer when it is properly maintained, which is something that can add significant value to residential properties. Choosing engineered materials for garden projects is a risky proposition because ceramics, laminates, and bricks made with resins will eventually lose their structural integrity when exposed to the elements. Natural stone, on the other hand, will last almost indefinitely as long as it is properly maintained. Even if you choose shiny stone tiles for a gazebo in your garden, you can keep your investment looking new with a spray-and-wipe granite sealer and cleaner. Natural-stone care is a fairly simple process, but you need to make sure to have the highest quality products.

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