Making a Bold Statement with Natural Stone in Your Home

Bold Statement with Natural Stone in the Home.

Homeowners who wish to drastically increase the value of their property should think about making strong and lasting impressions with natural-stone designs. After decades of laminates, vinyl, and other engineered construction materials, homeowners are rediscovering the beautiful and timeless appeal of geological wonders such as marble, granite, travertine, and other natural stones that have been used as construction materials since ancient times. However, there is more to natural stone than granite countertops and marble floors. If you want to make a bold statement with natural stone, here are some attractive ideas.

Rustic Fireplace Surround

A fireplace can be the center of attention in any living room if it is decorated with natural stone. You have various design options in this regard, and the most elaborate is to install hand-carved blocks of limestone, which will require the artistic touch of a skilled mason. Modern stonework tools for cutting blocks and slabs make this option more accessible. However, it tends to be the most expensive. A more affordable design idea would be to use natural-stone tiles for a truly rustic look. The architectural styles for natural-stone fireplaces include classical, French, and contemporary. If you choose stone tiles, you can opt for a glossy finish you’ll be able to clean on your own with a stone-safe spray-and-wipe granite cleaner.

Garden Path

You shouldn’t install a cement or paver path in the middle of your garden when you have the option of choosing rough cuts of flagstone installed over sand and filled with pebbles or decomposed granite fragments. Some of the most attractive garden walkways feature flagstones of different colors and textures.

Fossil Art Slabs and Tiles

A prehistoric fossil could be the ultimate centerpiece of any living space, particularly when encased in a slab extracted from ancient quarries located in petrified lakes and riverbeds. Fossil stones are not easy to find, but they are worth searching for. Imagine a rough-cut slab of limestone hanging on your living room wall and displaying an ancient fish fossil.

Waterfall Panels and Luxurious Edge Treatments

With so many kitchens featuring granite slabs for countertops these days, choosing waterfall panels is a smart way to set your house apart from the rest. Waterfall panels are cut from slabs or mini slabs to create a seamless look. They are installed vertically to match the countertop, and they are ideal for open floor plans where the kitchen island is visible from other parts of the house. The edging of the countertops can also be cut in an elaborate manner to call attention to the granite pattern and its finish. The intent is to improve upon the standard bullnose, bevel, and straight edges by choosing profiles such as ogee, inverted bevel, or layered. If you are going fully rustic, choose the rock edge, which appears to be raw but is carefully chipped and sealed.

When caring for natural stone in your home, one of the most important products you’ll need is a high-quality granite sealer. At Granite Gold®, all of our stone care products are safe to use on granite, limestone, marble, travertine, and other types of natural stone. If you have any questions about caring for stone properly, contact the Stone Care Experts today at 1-800-475-STONE.


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