6 Reasons Quartz Is a Good Choice for Your Home

Choosing Quartz for Home
When you visit modern luxury hotels, shops, and restaurants, chances are the material installed on the floors and countertops is quartz, even though to you it may look and feel like an exotic type of marble. Though quartz slabs and tiles have been around for decades, they took a backseat to marble, granite, and other construction materials due to trends in interior design. Since the mid-1990s, advanced fabrication techniques have allowed manufacturers to produce solid surfaces featuring more than 90 percent quartz crystals in a variety of textures and colors, thereby catching the eye of homeowners and interior designers. If you have thought about natural stone such as granite and marble for your home, you may want to add quartz to your list of considerations. Here are six good reasons to install quartz. 1. Style It was only a few years ago that granite countertops and marble floors were all the rage. Though these materials are still quite popular, the natural-stone trend has largely moved outside with materials such as slate and flagstone in patios, gardens, and pool decks. According to the April 2018 issue of Architectural Digest, quartz is the most frequently installed counter and flooring material in new American homes. 2. Durability Modern quartz is harder and more durable than granite. In fact, a slab of quartz made specifically for a very busy kitchen could be about three degrees shy of being as hard as a diamond, which means this is a surface that will not scratch or chip easily. 3. Broad Range of Colors and Looks The advanced engineering of quartz fabrication means interior designers can easily find tiles and slabs that match their vision. Moreover, quartz can be cut and edged in just about any fashion desired. If you want floor tiles that look as if they were cut from marble blocks imported from Marmara Island in Turkey, you can find tiles that match this look. 4. Reasonable Cost Quartz used to be considered an expensive material about 30 years ago when only a few fabricators produced this material. Now that quartz is competing with granite as a preferred material among American homeowners, the increased competition has resulted in lower prices. 5. Ease of Maintenance When you install quartz countertops in your kitchen, you can choose a design that looks like granite, soapstone, or even onyx, but you will not have to worry about resealing. Quartz only requires regular cleaning with a specially formulated 2-in-1 quartz cleaner and polish. 6. Property Appreciation As more house hunters become familiar with the advantages of quartz, they will be more inclined to look for it in the properties they evaluate. An appraiser will consider quartz floors and countertops as special features that boost residential value. If you’d like to learn how to clean quartz properly, reach out to Granite Gold® today. Our Granite Gold Quartz Brite® is the perfect solution for keeping your quartz counters looking as good as new. Give us a call today at 1-800-475-STONE.

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