How to Care for Marble Countertops Correctly

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Marble may be a timeless stone in terms of interior decoration and aesthetics, but this does not make it an eternal construction material. If this was the case, quite a few ruins from ancient Greece and Rome would still be around and in better shape. Even though marble is durable, the metamorphic nature of this stone makes it susceptible to external factors that can tarnish its appearance or damage its molecular structure over time. Wondering how to care for marble countertops correct? Proper care of marble surfaces will make them last longer and retain their attractive finish.

Here are some recommendations you can follow to care for your marble countertops.

Keep the Seal Fresh

Archaeologists lament the fact that sealant technology for natural stone was not discovered until the 18th century. During the Renaissance, stone masons and sculptors experimented with resins to seal marble surfaces, but they did more harm than good with these attempts. These days, marble countertops are finished and sealed upon fabrication and after installation.

Moreover, homeowners can now take advantage of Granite Gold Sealer®, a granite sealer that is also safe to use on marble and other types of natural stone. Homeowners can apply this sealant on their own and without having to call experts or contractors. The effectiveness of the recommendations listed below are contingent upon keeping marble counters properly sealed.

Protect Against Spills

Even when your marble kitchen and bathroom counters are freshly sealed, they are still vulnerable to certain substances. Since this natural stone is very porous, even water can cause stains under certain circumstances. The best practice is to always wipe anything that comes into contact with marble immediately. Paper towels or a lint-free cloth work best in this regard. After absorbing spills, follow up with an application of a natural-stone granite cleaner.

Instead of placing glasses or bottles directly on marble counters, try using coasters in the kitchen and vanity trays in the bathroom. If you have a marble breakfast counter, use dining mats for protection.

Dust and Clean Regularly

Some homeowners are wary about installing Carrara marble as their kitchen countertops due to its very light color and delicate appearance. As long as this stone surface is sealed and maintained regularly, it will withstand daily food preparation even if it has a polished finish. If you do not cook at home, you should still dust and clean your marble counters a couple of times a week.

Get Rid of Stains

Stained marble suggests it may be time to reapply sealant. Before doing so, there are a couple of ways to remove stubborn stains that do not come off with natural-stone cleaner and a granite cleaning pad. Oily and greasy stains can be removed by combining acetone and baking soda to make a thick paste and letting it sit on top of the stain for 24 hours. Coffee, tea, fruit juice, and other organic stains will usually come off after placing a paper towel soaked in bleach over the spot and leaving it for 24 hours. Once the stains disappear, you should clean the counter and reapply sealant.

Preserve Your Marble with Help from the Experts

If you’d like more information on marble care or caring for other types of natural stone such as granite, slate, and limestone, reach out to Granite Gold®. We are the Stone Care Experts. Give us a call today at 1-800-475-STONE.


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