Cleaning & Polishing Granite With One Bottle of Granite Gold®

Clean & Shine
Our first two houses had laminate and tile counters, which are pretty easy to clean. Our current house though has granite counters and they are definitely not something that are as easy to clean. I used to just use soap and water or just a damp cloth but they never really looked like what I thought granite should look like. I mean for the high cost of granite it should look nice! I have tried a variety of cleaners in the eight years we have lived in our house but so far the best product has been Granite Gold. In the past I have used Granite Gold Daily Cleaner and Granite Gold Polish but who am I kidding to think I would use both regularly. I usually just used the Daily Cleaner a few times a week and then the Polish just for special occasions. Well Granite Gold has come out with a new product called Granite Gold Clean & Shine® which combines the effects of Granite Gold Daily Cleaner® and Granite Gold Polish® into one. It is a super cleaner and polisher in one! Perfect for busy moms who want their house to look nice but don’t have a lot of time. Reasons why I use Granite Gold Clean & Shine®:
    • It does the job of two cleaners with just a few sprays from one bottle.
    • Granite Gold is a family company that spans three generations of stone care experts – so they know what they are doing!
    • Works on granite, marble, travertine and other natural-stone and quartz surfaces.
    • Leaves a citrus scent on your surfaces for that just-cleaned room smell.
    • Adds shine and luster so even old counters look new.
    • Safe on food-preparation surfaces – no chemical residue left behind.
    • No phosphates or ammonia.
    • Helps keep away water spots and fingerprints.
    • On shower walls and tubs with tile, it can prevent soap scum build-up. I have just started using this in my shower as well but so far so good! We have travertine in our newly remodeled shower and I am hoping to keep it fresh and clean
Overall, I am excited to clean my counters, as silly as that sounds. Something about a clean smelling kitchen with shiny counters makes me feel about the rest of my house being a disaster. I love the light citrus smell and how they really do make and keep my counters shiny. They don’t feel stiff either but smooth and clean. It may seem silly to be excited about a cleaner but after years of not using Granite Gold products, I am happy that I found something that works so well for my house. Granite Gold® is sold in U.S grocery, mass merchant, hardware and specialty channels as well as internationally. Written by: Mom and More

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