Weather Defense Wood Protector

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Key Features

  • Use when furniture is new and again every six months for optimal protection and beauty
  • Forms an invisible barrier against mold, mildew, and fungi
  • Great for use on all wood surfaces, including teak and cedar
  • Recommended by furniture makers
  • Made in USA

How to Use

Clean The Surface

Make sure the surface is clean.

Remove Accessories

Remove any cushions or other accessories that might be attached to the furniture.

Spray The Protector

Once the surface is clean, keep the aerosol can 10-12 inches from the surface, and spray the protector using a back-and-forth motion to cover the surface evenly.


How do I keep my outdoor furniture from rotting?
Moisture is the main enemy of outdoor wood furniture. When wood's moisture content gets too high, mold, mildew, and fungi can form, leading to rot. To prevent rot, using a high-quality outdoor wood protector is essential. Guardsman outdoor wood protector creates a barrier that prevents moisture from seeping into the wood.
What is the best protection for outdoor wood furniture?
Guardsman Weather Defense Wood Protector offers the highest level of protection for outdoor wood furniture. It forms an invisible barrier against moisture and repels dirt and grime. However, what differentiates it from other outdoor wood furniture care products is how gentle it is. Most furniture protectors contain harsh chemicals that can damage your wood over time. With Guardsman, you don't have to worry about that. Furniture makers and restoration experts recommend this protector because it maintains your outdoor furniture's original beauty and integrity for years to come.
What to use to clean outdoor wooden furniture?
We recommend using Guardsman Deep Clean Purifying Wood Cleaner for daily cleaning of your wood furniture. Browse all Guardsman wood furniture cleaners.
What is the right way to use this product?
Guardsman outdoor wood protector is easy to use – spray it on and let it dry. Click here to watch the video tutorial.
What do you use to seal and protect outdoor wood furniture?
We believe that proper outdoor furniture care and maintenance should be easy. That's why this is the only protector you need to keep your furniture looking fantastic year after year.


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