Brown Wood Finish Touch-Up Markers

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Give your wood surfaces a uniform, like-new appearance. These easy-to-use markers will instantly conceal imperfections such as scratches and worn edges on your wood furniture. With three shades to choose from, you can find the perfect match for the finish of your furniture. The markers dry quickly and won't drip, making touch-ups a breeze. Start with the lightest shade and move to the darkest until you've achieved the desired look.

    Where To Use:

    Use markers to touch up or to repair a scratch in furniture, cabinets, moldings, doors, floors, paneling, and any finished wood surfaces in your home.

    Key Features

    • Developed in collaboration with furniture manufacturers
    • Used by installers and repair technicians
    • Hide surface scratches and worn edges for lasting beauty
    • Blend-to-match set of light, medium and dark markers
    • No-drip markers work neatly and dry in seconds
    • UV absorbers protect color from fading


    How do wood furniture repair markers work?
    The wood furniture touch-up markers quickly restore color and beauty to areas that have been worn down. They blend in with the existing color of your furniture and can be used on various wood surfaces to conceal imperfections.
    How do you touch up scratches on wood furniture?
    With the Brown Wood Finish Touch-Up Markers, simply find the shade that best matches your furniture finish and cover up the imperfections in your wood furniture’s finish. Start by using the marker with the lightest shade and move to the darker ones if the spot doesn't blend in well enough. If the scratch goes beneath the finish of the wood, we recommend you use Guardsman Wood Filler Sticks.
    How do you touch up stains on wood furniture?
    To cover stains on wood furniture, you can use Guardsman Brown Wood Finish Touch-Up Markers. However, we recommend using Guardsman Watermark Remover instead to get rid of any water stains or heat stains.
    How long do the wood stain markers last?
    The markers are designed to last for years. Avoid getting the markers wet as this will shorten their lifespan or cause them to stop working properly.


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