Should You Choose Quartz for Your Bathroom Countertops?

Bathroom Quartz Countertops San Diego, CA

In 2019, a few celebrity real estate listings revealed that quartz has become a trendy construction material for bathroom vanities and counters. The Los Angeles Times reported on Logan Paul’s purchase of a San Jacinto ranch that used to belong to counterculture icon Timothy Leary. Television queen Oprah Winfrey purchased a home from Hollywood actor Jeff Bridges, and Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr showed off the remodeled bathrooms of her Malibu Beach mansion to Allure magazine. With all these properties featuring quartz countertops in the bathrooms, you may be wondering if quartz is a good option for your home. The short answer is yes. Quartz would be an excellent choice not just for your vanities but also for shower stalls, tub surrounds, and bathroom floors. Here are a few reasons that further support quartz installations in the bathroom.

The Sanitary Advantage of Quartz

Unless they’ve been in place for a long time, there aren’t many hospitals or clinics that feature natural stone such as marble or granite. In these establishments, you’re more likely to find solid surface materials, advanced porcelain tiles, or engineered stone such as quartz. Natural stone’s surface porosity increases its potential to allow bacteria and germs to spread through the pores. This isn’t a problem with quartz, which means you may find it easier to keep your bathroom germ-free.

Quartz Can Boost Your Property Value

Celebrities turning their attention to quartz is good news for homeowners who have engineered stone in their properties. When real estate appraisers notice quartz in the bathrooms, they’ll mark it down as a positive factor in terms of justifying home value. Seeing quartz countertops in the description of a home listed for sale will also get the attention of house hunters who are able to spend more on their purchases.

The Low-Maintenance Aspect of Quartz

Quartz countertops are just as easy to care for as ceramic and solid surface materials. Using a specially formulated combination quartz polish and cleaner such as Granite Gold Quartz Brite® and a microfiber cloth or paper towel, your quartz countertops can look as good as the day they were installed, and you won’t have to worry about water stains or applying sealant.

The Great Design Flexibility of Quartz

Until recently, many homeowners preferred quartz slabs that resembled natural stone, particularly Carrara marble. In late 2019, we’re seeing quartz brands such as LG Viatera introducing new collections that combine natural-stone patterns that are bolder and more intricate. For example, the Lava Ice slabs feature a bright magenta color scheme with specs reminiscent of what you would see coming from a volcano eruption. Whether you have quartz in your home or granite, marble, travertine, or another type of natural stone, care for your countertops properly by using the high-quality products offered by Granite Gold®. Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-800-475-STONE (7866).


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