Flu Prevention: How To Kill Viruses On Stone Countertops

Flu Prevention: How To Kill Viruses On Stone Countertops


During the fall and winter months, we know to expect cooler weather, comfort foods and plenty of family fun. Unfortunately, another thing we have to prepare for during this time is the dreaded flu season. The good news is that we can limit the spread of viruses at home by taking some necessary precautions, like cleaning and disinfecting surfaces on a daily basis. But just as important is what we use to sanitize those surfaces, especially if we want to protect their integrity and keep them looking great.

One of the key areas in your home that needs to be disinfected is your stone countertops, due to the fact that it’s an area people frequently touch with their hands. And while most common disinfecting cleaners may help you get rid of virus particles, they’re not intended for natural stone surfaces like granite or marble, or even quartz, and could end up doing more harm to your countertops in the long run. Keep reading to find out all there is to killing viruses without killing your stone in the process.

How to Seal Natural Stone

Even though natural stone is mostly resistant to bacteria, the truth is that it’s porous and can still harbor germs when not sealed properly. To protect your stone countertops, choose a high-quality stone sealer like Granite Gold Sealer® and apply directly to the surface in three-foot sections. Buff the sealer into the stone immediately using a soft cloth. Continue buffing until the surface is dry before moving on to disinfecting your countertops.

How to Disinfect Your Stone Countertops

First, clean the surface with a proper cleaner to clear all liquids and soil. Then, use a stone-safe disinfectant, like MicroGold® Multi-Action Disinfectant Antimicrobial Spray — it kills 99.9% of viruses & bacteria, and has been tested and proven effective to eliminate the COVID-19 virus. Finally, just let the solution sit on the surface and let it air dry.

How to Choose the Right Disinfectant

Most disinfectants you see at the grocery store are effective at killing off viruses; the problem is that they’re made with harsh chemicals that can damage natural-stone surfaces. To avoid costly repair or replacement, use a pH-neutral disinfectant and antimicrobial designed for high-touch stone surfaces, like MicroGold. Not only does it kill of viruses and bacteria, but it leaves a protective coat that continues working after it dries.

How MicroGold’s Antimicrobial Technology Works

Whereas popular disinfectants stop working once they dry, MicroGold is a perfect one-two combo of disinfecting power and antimicrobial action. Once it disinfects and dries, the antimicrobial bonds to surfaces, draws offending microbes, and destroys them upon contact. This is thanks to its Si-Quat technology, which is a long-lasting clear coat that kills viruses, bacteria and fungi.


Everybody wants to enjoy the best parts of the season without having to be inconvenienced by the flu. And though the virus isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, there’s certainly plenty we can do to keep it at bay. With a little prevention, you can help reduce your family’s chances of getting the flu. And with the right disinfecting product, you can protect your home’s integrity while doing it. It’s a win-win!


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