Tips, Tricks and Tools to Give Your Employees Extra Peace of Mind About Hygiene in the Office

Tips, Tricks and Tools to Give Your Employees Extra Peace of Mind About Hygiene in the Office

n an emerging post-pandemic world, people are beginning to return to work at their communal offices. As a result, employers and employees alike are examining their surrounding surfaces and common touchpoints with a level of skepticism and scrutiny that did not exist just a little more than a year ago.

It’s everyone’s goal to be as safe as possible. Taking an extra step to give your employees peace of mind can lower stress, reduce potential exposure to pathogens (and resultant sick days), and help everyone return to previous paradigms in as pain-free a way as is possible.

Fortunately, making that happen won’t be difficult. It starts by bringing spring-cleaning routines from the home to the office to make sure that all surfaces are clean and germ-free — and then implementing a few simple ongoing strategies to keep your environment fresh and secure.

Here’s what you need to know.

Comprehensive Cleaning Strategies to Make Your Working Environment Secure

The secret to a true, effective clean consists in realizing what it takes to render a surface completely germ-free. We recommend starting with a disinfectant for a “chemical kill” that removes existing pathogens from your target surfaces.

Unfortunately, that’s where most cleaning routines both start and end. We’re here to help you go the extra mile for a thorough clean and a comforting sense of safety. In addition to that initial “chemical kill,” which only lasts a short time while the surface remains wet with the solution, you’ll need to perform a “mechanical kill” over your surfaces for longer-term protection. To do this, use a high-quality antimicrobial agent. This type of solution will keep killing germs for a much longer period.

Cleaning, disinfecting and treating surfaces with a powerful antimicrobial agent is the tried-and-true trifecta of cleaning strategies that will allow you and your employees the confidence you need to get back to work in a completely safe way.

A Constant Cycle: More than Just “Spring” Cleaning

Spring cleaning and other specific times that we set aside for a top-to-bottom environmental reset help create a sterile atmosphere. However, we can’t stop there. To have safe working spaces, we need to complete that cleaning, disinfecting, and antimicrobial treating process regularly.

It’s also a good idea to introduce workplace strategies to reduce the flow of pathogens into your environment. For example, in addition to regularly cleaning your surfaces with a reliable antimicrobial disinfectant, place waterless hand soap at strategic locations in your office (e.g., in conference rooms, at desks and workstations, etc.).

For a final sense of confidence that you can share with your employees to extend their peace of mind, ask them to help keep your office clean. Give them access to your suite of dependable cleaning products and ask them to incorporate a quick disinfecting of common workspace areas into their end-of-day routine.

While there’s a worldwide sense of worry centering around the wisdom of returning to work, we firmly believe that science tells us it’s possible. Zeroing in on how a combination disinfectant with a powerful antimicrobial can remove all pathogens from shared surfaces for an extended time can make it possible to work together again. Simply make sure you’re relying on high-quality products, make sure you’re using them according to their intended use, and then relax — and concentrate on getting things done in your safe workspace.

The MicroGold® Suite of Products is Here to Help Keep Your Employees Safe

Keeping your office and your employees safe from invisible pathogens doesn’t require a significant investment — in time or number of cleaning products. We recommend a good antimicrobial disinfectant and a reliable waterless hand soap to cover all of your bases. Cleaning after COVID and establishing confidence-worthy co-working spaces comes down to high-quality cleaning products and a thorough cleaning regimen.

The MicroGold® line of products, including a multi-action disinfectant antimicrobial and a moisturizing waterless hand soap are all here to help you get back to work in the best way possible!


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