What are the Best Uses for Handheld Cleaning Sprays?

What are the Best Uses for Handheld Cleaning Sprays?

When you’re adding products to your cleaning lineup, you want to make sure that you’re getting as much bang for your buck as is humanly possible. After all, you have limited space. Every single product you purchase needs to be able to accomplish several different tasks.

That’s why our cleaning experts recommend sourcing products that are specifically designed to clean and disinfect. Recently, however, we’ve been noticing a distinct trend towards handheld versions of popular cleaning products — which is why we’re shining a light today on the best uses you may not have thought of for handheld cleaning spray.

Without further ado, here are the smartest uses for these handy devices!

Use a Handheld Cleaner for These Clever Uses

  1. Cleaning while you cook.

Because these sprayers are handheld, they make it quick and easy to clean up as you’re going through your usual cooking process. After you cut up poultry, before you plate up your final dish, or even in between differently seasoned foods: Your All-Purpose Cleaner will ensure that there’s no transfer between potentially contaminated raw food and the rest of the meals you plan to enjoy.

  1. Cleaning out your car.

Your car goes where you do — which means that your car is exposed to the bacteria that exist wherever you go! From the gear knob at your fingertips to the steering wheel, the buttons you touch and the fast-food trays that enter your car (any hard, non-porous surface), your vehicle is a potential home to lots of external bacteria you could track into your house. Avoid this by cleaning and disinfecting your car regularly to kill dangerous microbes that dwell in this space.

  1. Spending 15 minutes and hitting the truly dirty zones of your home.

You may be familiar with the parts of your home that need frequent cleaning, such as your home’s garbage cans, the kitchen sink and the bathroom toilet. However, this won’t actually cut it when it comes to making sure your home is devoid of harmful bacteria. There are certain high-traffic places and objects — like your home’s doorknobs, your remote control and your phones — that definitely need some attention. Spend some time hitting these with a powerful cleaner and disinfectant combination for your peace of mind.

  1. Making sure your rental is good to go.

When you’re traveling, the last thing you need is to come down with a bug — or, in a worst-case scenario, something much more dangerous. Bring a bottle of the same trusted cleaning solution you use at home to ensure that your hotel room or your Airbnb is safe to come home to after a long day of sightseeing. A handheld spray bottle isn’t too big to pack, and you’ll feel much calmer and more confident in your stay if you know the surfaces around you are clean.

  1. Keeping your office area as clean as can be.

Whether you’ve worked at home or the office throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, or are just now returning to an office, you want to be sure that your work areas are safe. Keeping a handheld cleaner/disinfectant near your desk will make it easy to kill any germs, viruses or bacteria around your most-frequented, highest-touch surfaces.

Be 100% Confident in the Safety of Your Spaces with a Handheld Cleaner and Disinfectant That Works

If, like many of us during the tumultuous recent past, you have found that knowing that your surfaces are completely germ-free is calming, you’re in luck.

With a handheld cleaner and disinfectant, you have the power to create an easy, comprehensive clean no matter where you go. MicroGold’s® All-Purpose Cleaner can kill the COVID-19 virus in less than 30 seconds and is effective on any hard, non-porous surface. It’s a powerful one-step solution with dozens of great uses in your home, at work and on the road.


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