MicroGold® Waterless Hand Soap: A Smarter Soap for All-Day Cleanliness

MicroGold® Waterless Hand Soap: A Smarter Soap for All-Day Cleanliness

Washing our hands: Most of us have the practice hard-wired into our systems. We wash when we come inside and wash before dinner. We grab the soap after handling raw meat, painting, or whenever we want a quick hand hygiene re-set.

Those are excellent practices — effective touchpoints of cleanliness through our day. As we’ve learned over the last year, practicing good hand hygiene is also an important way to keep ourselves safe. Touching our faces is an ingrained human habit. We need to make sure that our hands don’t bring anything harmful to our sensitive soft tissues when we do so. Washing our hands has been a simple yet magical solution.

Now, you’re spring cleaning. You’re going through each room of your home methodically, re-setting and restoring your home’s fresh cleanliness after a winter of rest. As a final step of your spring-cleaning regimen, consider putting hand soap not only in your kitchen but in other frequently used parts of your home. That last step — simply keeping your family’s hands clean — will help keep the rest of your home clean.

However, we do need to touch on one more thing.

Not all soaps are created equal.

Washing your hands too frequently with the wrong soaps can do more harm than good.

Let’s do a deep dive. What is regular soap, anyway?

Behind the Suds: The Chemical Makeup of Traditional Soap

You may have noticed — over the last year, or during dry winters in the past — that when you wash your hands a lot, they tend to get red, dry and itchy. They may even crack and bleed.

That’s because your regular soap options are far more toxic than you may think.

Traditional soap is a mixture of salts or fatty acids that react with an alkali —typically, sodium hydroxide. The result is sodium salt, a substance that clings to greasy stains on fabric, skin, hair and other surfaces. Salty, acidic substances can be very harsh on your delicate skin. At the very least, this type of oil-targeting soapy substance will strip your skin of its natural oils —leaving you with overly-dry, hurting hands.

We think there’s a better way. Let’s talk about waterless hand soap.

A Safe, Gentle and Effective Hand Soap Alternative

A waterless hand soap might sound odd, but think about the polar properties of oil and water. We know that they don’t interact well. Your hands are covered in natural oils that protect your skin’s moisture content. When you apply a water-based soap to your oil-imbued skin, the net result isn’t as effective as you might hope.

A far better option is a waterless hand soap. Select one with a foaming pump, which triggers emulsification of the soapy solution. As a result, the soap will be able to gently clean away soils and eliminate germs from your hands without interfering with your skin’s moisture barrier.

We recommend an option that has antibacterial properties. According to a study in the American Journal of Infection Control, the active ingredient benzalkonium chloride can produce an antibacterial shield that lasts up to four hours when used properly.

That’s four hours of confidence in the safety of our hands, which sounds excellent to us. By working with our skin’s natural chemistry instead of against it, we can keep ourselves healthy and reduce our likelihood of spreading harmful bacteria. It all comes down to finding a great soap that we can trust.

Keep Your Hands Safe, Soft and Moisturized with Waterless Hand Soap

There’s never been a better time to invest in smart sanitization. Our hands can easily transmit contagious substances or help keep us safe; we just need to take steps to treat them well. However, we don’t want to hurt our skin’s moisture barrier — and we want a soap that actually works.

With a waterless hand soap that instantly sanitizes hands without over-drying them, you’ll find that your bases are covered. Effective antibacterial action doesn’t have to leave a sticky residue or strip your hands! Stock your home with an instantly effective, gentle-on-skin hand soap this spring and reap the benefits all year long.


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