Caring of Showers Made of Natural Stone

How to Clean Grout in the Shower

OK, so you have a tiled shower. Do you want the good news or the bad news first? Well, ...
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Textured vs Honed Natural Stone San Diego, CA

How Much Does It Cost to Get Granite Countertops?

One of the first lessons in real estate investing (after location, location, location) ...
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A person cleaning water stains on granite.

How to Clean Granite Countertop Water Stains

Water stains can be a real eyesore on your otherwise beautiful granite countertops. We uncover why water stains on granite occur and how to remove them.
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How to disinfect your granite and other natural stone

How to Disinfect Granite and Other Natural Stone

Safely disinfect your granite and natural stone surfaces. Follow our expert guide to maintain cleanliness without compromising their quality.
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Heat & Marble Countertops San Diego, CA

4 Mistakes You Don't Want to Make When Caring for Marble Floors

Having been used throughout history as a famously high end and luxurious building mater...
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Cleaning grout image on natural stone.

The Basics of Grout Cleaning and Care

Keeping your tile looking its best doesn't just mean cleaning and caring for the tile itself, the grout in between needs some love too. Learn all about grout cleaning.
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Cleaning Travertine

Top 4 Solutions for Cleaning & Maintaining Travertine

If it was good enough to make up the majority of the Colosseum's structure, we think it...
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Prevent Cloudiness on Granite Countertops San Diego, CA

How to Seal Granite Countertops

Your granite has gone through one heck of a journey to arrive at your house. But do you know how to seal it? Learn how to seal granite countertops today.
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Is Outdoors Good for Quartz San Diego, CA

6 Popular Colors for Quartz Kitchen Countertops

Quartz is an engineered material made up of more than 90 percent natural quartz aggregate and comes in a range of colors. Learn the popular colors for quartz.
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Safe Way to Clean Grout on Natural-Stone Flooring San Diego, CA

5 Mistakes People Make When Cleaning Their Grout

If you look at architectural trends over time, it's hard to find anything more consiste...
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Best cleaner for quartz countertop maintenance

Best Quartz Cleaners and Tools to Maintain Your Countertop Shine

Part of the incentive for going with quartz over natural stone is its durability and lo...
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What Stone to use for Natural-Stone Shower Walls San Diego, CA

5 Tips for Caring for Showers Made of Natural Stone

If there is one thing that we've learned from MTV Cribs, it's that the bedroom is where...
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Home Bar with Granite Countertop San Diego, CA

7 Ways Granite Can Be Damaged

Forged over the course of thousands of years through intense heat and immense pressure ...
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Should You Polish Granite Counters San Diego, CA

Top 5 Granite Cleaning Products for 2020

With each slab being a unique piece of natural art, it's easy to see why granite has be...
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What Not to Do When Maintaining Your Quartz Countertop

What Not to Do When Maintaining Your Quartz Countertop

"OK, OK, just tell me how to not mess this up" is something I find myself saying a lot ...
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An image showing how to care for granite countertops.

How to Care for Granite Countertops

A stain on the carpet or your new pants is almost expected at some point, but what about on your granite or other natural stone? Learn how to care for granite countertops today.
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Removing Dry Grout Between Stone Floor Tiles San Diego, CA

5 Things to Avoid Using When Cleaning Grout

Stone tiles are an attractive option for floors, showers, countertops, and more. They c...
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Buffing countertops shown through a clean counter.

4 Things to Keep in Mind When Buffing Your Granite Counters

Homeowners who choose granite countertops often request a honed and polished finish for their stone. Learn what to keep in mind when buffing granite counters.
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What Goes into Making Quartz Countertops San Diego, CA

Quartz Countertops: What Are They Made Out Of?

In January 2020, the National Association of Realtors published an article about the gr...
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Cleaning Corian Countertops San Diego, CA

Cleaning Corian Counters: A Quick Guide

In the near future, new homes featuring Corian countertops will offer the possibility o...
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