Wood Markers: The Easiest Wood Furniture Repair at the Best Price

A scratched wood surface that can benefit from wood markers.

If you own wood furniture or your home has wooden floors, then there’s a 100% chance these surfaces have scratches or blemishes that need repair. Sure, after a while you might not notice that dinged-up corner on your mid-century credenza or the fork mark your toddler drilled into your fine oak dining table—out of sight, out of mind, right? 

But then your mother-in-law shows up for the week. Or your cousin from Asheville, N.C.–who makes their own furniture and gifted you that one-of-a-kind coffee table–comes to find your marble coasters have chiseled into its fine finish.

 Being a wood furniture owner doesn’t necessarily mean you know how to care for, protect, or refinish the wood. What might have looked amazing seven years ago probably looks different now. You can blame that on the ravages of time, sunshine, kids, guests, holidays and everything else that wreaks havoc on your home each year. But just because your wood furniture has taken a beating doesn’t mean you need to plug in the hand sander and start from scratch.

When it comes to minor repairs, it’s best to keep your solutions quick and effective. Wood markers are an ideal way to fix those little scuffs, scratches and blemishes that make you (and your guests) cringe. 

But why are wood markers a great solution? How do they work? And why Guardsman®? Let’s carve into it.

A wooden desk.

How Do Wood Markers Work?

First off, wood markers aren’t regular markers. They’re made with a solvent, dye, and binder that deeply penetrate wood fibers to perfectly stain your piece. And because wood markers are easier to maneuver than a paintbrush, you can reach hand-carved corners or ornate designs by applying slight pressure—which means a clean finish without dried brushstrokes. 

To use a wood marker: Select a shade that best suits your furniture finish. You’ll first want to test your marker on a section that is less visible to ensure you’ve correctly matched it. Then, simply apply the marker and let the dye soak in for a few seconds. If the scratch goes beneath the finish of the wood, we recommend you use Guardsman® Wood Filler Sticks.

You can also cover stains on wood furniture with the Guardsman® Brown Wood Finish Touch-Up Markers. However, we recommend using Guardsman® Watermark Remover instead to get rid of any water stains or heat stains.

Why Use Wood Markers?

What used to take hours or days to repair now takes seconds with a wood marker. We live in a fast-paced world. And we also live in a world where refinishing wood professionally costs an armchair and a leg. By selecting a quality wood marker that matches your wood stain, you can save on costs, save time and upgrade your furnishings to “good as new” status almost instantly.

 Plus, wood markers require zero cleanup or prep—just pop the top, fill in the blemish, and let it dry.  

Why Guardsman® Wood Markers?

Wondering why Guardsman® Wood Markers make for the most efficient and reliable choice? Quick answer—because we’ve been making the best furniture care products since 1915. But that’s not all. Our wood repair touch-up markers come in light, medium, and dark wood colors that can easily be blended to perfectly match your finish. That means you don’t have to buy a pricey 24-pack of markers or continuously return incorrect hues.

Plus, our no-drip design produces instant results. These markers also contain UV absorbers to resist fading and dry in seconds. You can finish up your project and get your furniture looking fresh in no time.

How Do You Protect Your Refreshed Furniture? 

The best way to avoid having to repair your prized wood furnishings is to protect them. By using a gentle cleaner made specifically for wood, you can elongate the time between re-staining by ensuring no harsh chemicals are damaging the color or fibers of your wood.

 When you’re finished cleaning your wood pieces, don’t forget to treat the wood with a revitalizing lemon oil that beautifies wood and protects it from UV damage. 

Now, go out and respect your wood—if you do, it’ll last lifetimes. Check out our range of Guardsman® products today to learn how you can best protect and preserve your wood furniture.


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