The Many Advantages of Transparent Respiratory Shields (for Safety, Comfort and Style)

The Many Advantages of Transparent Respiratory Shields (for Safety, Comfort and Style)

In the United States, the use of face masks skyrocketed from relative obscurity to ubiquity in 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic first began to sweep the globe. However, many people in population-dense countries have been using masks for a long time. While we may be saying goodbye to the principal effects of COVID-19, the hygienic benefits of regular mask-wearing have us convinced that face coverings are here to stay.

However, that’s not to say that there isn’t room for improvement over the basic fabric face covering. If we’re going to be using face masks for their protective, hygienic benefits for the long term, it’s time to invest in ones that make us look and feel good.

We’re talking about Transparent Respiratory Shields. These comfortable face coverings are here to keep you safe—and they offer several advantages over more traditional face masks.

The Pros of Transparent Respiratory Shields 

#1: It’s hard to wear a respiratory shield incorrectly. Face masks are most effective when worn properly; yet, many face masks invite improper usage due to discomfort or poorly executed designs. As a result, many people wearing masks aren’t even protected (or protecting others) in the best possible way. With the skin-friendly medical-grade adhesive featured in modern transparent respiratory shields, the possibility of wearing masks incorrectly (and unsafely) is completely eliminated.

#2: These shields are transparent! It’s all in the name, but it’s a game-changer: Traditional fabric or paper face masks cover the lower half of your face, making it much harder to enjoy effective communication. This can reduce the quality of conversations with everyone you meet, from work associates to loved ones. With a fully transparent shield, you can once again read lips, smile, wear lipstick and enjoy full use of your face for enhanced communication going forward.

#3: Transparent respiratory shields are comfortable. With these seamless masks, it’s very easy to breathe. There aren’t any straps to dig into your delicate facial skin, and the skin-friendly adhesive removes easily without leaving a mark. These shields are so light and simple to wear that you may even forget that you have them on. This will boost safety because you won’t feel the need to remove your mask to breathe easier or to avoid red marks on your skin; instead, you can enjoy 100% protection as long as you’re out and about, without any of the discomforts.

#4: These shields are much more durable than their fabric or paper counterparts. Think about it: Whether a traditional mask is made of paper or fabric, it’s not going to be impervious to lots of moisture. If it rains, for example, your mask will be unwearable—making a new mask necessary. Since these sleek, transparent respiratory shields are made of very light plastic material, they can handle a few drops much better, meaning they’ll last longer and confer more protection for you and your loved ones.

No matter which way you look at it, transparent respiratory shields represent an upgrade over face masks of the past—which means that these innovative coverings are very likely the go-to shields of the future. (As a bonus, we love that they make it easy to sip on straws without removing them entirely!)

These respiratory shields have another trick to keep you safe: They’re treated with an effective disinfectant antimicrobial. This is an added layer of protection to keep you confident that nothing dangerous will get past your shield to infect your respiratory system.

Use a Transparent Respiratory Shield to Protect Yourself in Style, Every Day

Fabric face masks can be hot and stuffy. They can also deprive us of the ability to read facial expressions, smile at our loved ones, and style ourselves as we like in our everyday encounters! By sourcing a sleek, transparent shield that features easy breathability and strap-free comfort, you can keep yourself protected seamlessly. If you want to wear a mask, be able to lip read, and drink from a straw all at the same time, find a lightweight shield treated with a disinfectant antimicrobial for the ultimate safe yet stylish experience.


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