The Celebrity Cafe: Granite Cleaner Review

Granite Gold Cleaning Products®

Stone surfaces are a beautiful addition to your home but they can also require high maintenance to keep them looking new and spotless. Granite Gold is a family-owned company that has been caring for stone surfaces for more than three generations.

Take care of your stone – and other valuable – surfaces with an array of Granite Gold products.

Granite Gold Daily Cleaner preserves and protects the beauty and durability of natural stone. Its streak-free formula safely deep-cleans granite, marble, travertine and all other natural-stone and quartz surfaces. This granite cleaner quickly removes all types of spills and soils, and leaves a fresh citrus scent. The granite cleaner should be used regularly instead of typical, everyday household cleaning products, which can damage natural stone and lead to expensive repair or replacement.

Quickly and easily enhance the shine and luster of your granite, marble and other natural-stone surfaces with Granite Gold Polish. This granite polish also works great on quartz surfaces such as Silestone, Corian and Cambria. Use it after cleaning with Granite Gold Daily Cleaner to bring out the stone’s natural beauty and provide ongoing protection against water spots and fingerprints. Polishing shower walls and tub surrounds will help prevent soap scum build-up. Do not use on floors, which can become slippery.

Sealing granite countertops and other natural-stone surfaces is made simple with Granite Gold Sealer. This easy-to-apply spray-and-wipe stone sealer creates a barrier to protect all natural stone. Frequent use of the water-based stone sealer maintains maximum surface protection against staining, etching and soil build-up. Regularly check the integrity of the seal with an at-home water test. Pour water (about 3 inches in diameter) on the surface in several locations and let it sit for 30 minutes. If you see a dark mark or ring, the water is penetrating the stone and it’s time to reseal.

The overspray from common household cleaners, including glass cleaners, can damage natural stone surfaces, leading to costly repair and replacement. Granite Gold All-Surface Cleaner and Granite Gold All-Surface Cleaner Wipes are all-surface cleaners that can do it all – stone surfaces, stainless steel, glass, mirrors, brass, cooktops and more. The streak-free and non-abrasive formula won’t scratch surfaces.

The Granite Gold All-Surface Wipes are safe on food-prep surfaces, pH balanced, and contain no phosphates or ammonia. They can be used on granite, marble, travertine, limestone, slate and tile. They are also safe for use on Corian® and quartz surfaces such as Silestone®, Zodiaq®, stainless steel, glass, mirrors, brass, cooktops and more.

Household scrubbing pads are like sandpaper with varying grades and grits, and they shouldn’t be used as a granite cleaner. They are too abrasive for natural stone surfaces, leaving scratches that require costly repair. Designed specifically for natural stone surfaces, Granite Gold Scrub Sponge is nonabrasive, safe on natural stone and can easily remove stuck food particles. It’s also safe for use on stone shower walls and tub surrounds, easily removing water deposits and soap scum without harming the stone surface.


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