Granite Gold® Shares Stone-Care Expertise with LOU MANFREDINI

House Smarts Radio With Lou Manfredini
Granite Gold Inc. President/CEO and Co-founder Lenny Sciarrino discusses the third-generation family history of Granite Gold® and DIY sealing tips with nationally known DIYer Lou Manfredini. Citing a wet winter throughout the nation, Lenny and Lou agree rainwater won’t be a problem for those with sealed outdoor stone. Lenny reminds listeners to make sure water beads on the surface. If dark marks or rings appear, that area needs to be resealed to protect against stains, etching and soil build-up. Lenny also explains although granite is very durable, it is a natural material susceptible to wear and tear, and homeowners can risk the beauty of their investment by using cleaners that are harmful to the stone. Listen to the interview recording below to hear more about how Granite Gold® is helping homeowners properly care for and maintain natural-stone and quartz surfaces.

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