Keeping It Clean: Foolproof Tips and Tricks for a Gleaming Shower

Keeping It Clean: Foolproof Tips and Tricks for a Gleaming Shower
We think of the ancient baths, those that originated in early Roman times, as exotic, masterfully built pieces of art that served as luxurious centers of self-care. Now, thousands of years later, we live a faster-paced, less communal life. We tend to retreat to our own personal baths for our daily toiletries. We don’t have to lose all sense of grandeur, though. With natural stone showers, we can have a small piece of that ancient sense of luxury in our own homes. Think about it: Your bathroom is an integral part of your daily routine. Your shower is where you think, where you rest and rejuvenate, and where you get clean yourself - so, clearly, you need it to be a happy and hygienic haven. Your current shower may feel like a far-flung cry from the regal Roman baths of yore. While it may be hard to time travel back to those baths, we can use some timeless tips and tricks to make the most of our showers today. Let’s talk about ways to make sure your shower is aerated, aesthetic and totally antiseptic for your everyday use.

Recognizing and Restoring Common Shower Problems:

A Handy Guide

Our bathrooms can seem like they are magnets for grime. Part of this is due to the environment: Mold and mildew love to fester in warm, damp environments. Fortunately, there are steps we can take to combat these issues at every turn.
  • Issue: Mold and Mildew.
If you’re trying to get rid of mold spots or a musty, mildewy smell, use a solution of one-part bleach and one-part water. Spray (or pour) this solution onto the affected area. Then, using a nylon-bristle brush or a non-scratch pad, scrub the spots. Once done, allow the bleach mixture to sit for 15 minutes to work its magic. Rinse with water after the time is up; repeat as necessary to resolve the issue.
  • Issue: Water Spots.
If you often leave your shower to air-dry, chances are there will be little areas of evaporated mineral deposits (or water spots) dotting the stone surfaces. Take a white or blue non-scratch scour pad, a good shower cleaner like our Granite Gold Shower Cleaner®, and scour the affected surface for 3-5 minutes. Rinse with water. If there’s a particularly stubborn piece of grime or deposit still present, use a single-edge razor blade to shave the material away. To prevent water spots altogether, make sure to use our Granite Gold Polish® once per week. (FYI: You can use this same process for soap scum, if needed.)
  • Issue: Dirty or Discolored Grout.
Grout is porous - more like a sponge than we might realize. This means that it’s very easy for dirt and discoloring agents to get trapped in its surface - which doesn’t look good. First things first: Don’t use vinegar. It’s a popular hack that you might have heard of (it’s popular on the internet), but it’s a strongly acidic substance that will eat away at your grout. Instead, use a good, safe grout cleaner that’s formulated to be gentle yet effective. Using a nylon brush, scrub the grout, rinse, and repeat until you see the desired result. Note: sealing the grout will help prevent dirt and grime buildup.
  • Pro tip: Seal your shower.
Sealing your natural stone will give it a protective layer, one that will fend off excess moisture, oil, mold, contaminants and more. Do it right, and it’ll make your ongoing maintenance a lot easier. Which, speaking of…

Pay it Forward:

Making Ongoing Shower Maintenance a Breeze

Here’s the good news: Once your shower is squeaky clean, your shower won’t be hard to take care of. That’s one of the benefits of natural stone: It’s been around for a long time. It’s been through a lot. It can take the rigors of your shower routine. You do have to commit to a cleaning routine, though, as well. Fortunately, it shouldn’t be that difficult. Here are the basic steps you’ll need to remember:
  • Wipe it down after every shower. (Remember, bacteria love warm, damp places.) Leave your shower door or curtain open for ventilation. For bonus points, squeegee down your tile - it’ll help it dry much faster.
  • Don’t use regular soap and water. Natural stone won’t take kindly to it. (We recommend checking out this powerful-yet-gentle Granite Gold Shower Cleaner®, instead.) Give your shower a thorough cleansing once a week.
  • If you do notice a spot of concern, tackle it immediately. Mold, mildew, and scum are not going anywhere on their own.
  • Rinse and repeat - literally! - week in, week out. It’ll become innate - and, trust us, the time you spend on your cleaning routine will pay off when you don’t have to spend time and money dealing with stubborn scum later on.
Keep these tips and tricks in mind to make your shower a sophisticated, spa-like place. For all other issues, feel free to call our Stone Care Experts with three generations of stone-care expertise at 1-800-475-7866 for help.

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