Keep Your Home Looking Sparkling

Granite Gold Products® to keep your home sparkling.

For those with granite in their homes, you know how hard it can be to keep it looking like new. We all like things to stay new as long as possible. Granite Gold can help keep your home looking sparkling with just a few simple products.

The line includes products such as polish, daily cleaner and sealer. All of these are simple to use and take no time at all to apply to your granite surfaces. The Granite Gold Daily Cleaner is exactly what you need to clean those countertops and other granite surfaces in your kitchen or bathroom. Can also be used on some other counter tops. The streak-free cleaner makes it easy to spray on and just wipe down. It will remove any spills or soils that may have clouded your granite surfaces like they are nothing. This is the cleaner that you should be using daily on these surfaces besides another type of spray cleaner. Those can leave damages to the look of your stone over time and no one wants that.

You may have also wondered how to protect your stone surfaces. That is where the Granite Gold Sealer comes in. It is a simple spray and wipe sealer that will create a barrier on your stone surfaces. You won’t have to worry about your surfaces if you use this sealer every so often. The sealer will protect against staining, etching and soil build-up.

All you have to do to make sure that your surface is still sealed is to do a simple water test. To do this you will pour water on your surface and let it sit for 30 minutes. If you see a dark ring or mark, than you know that it is time to reseal. Now that you have cleaned and sealed your surface, it’s time to polish it up. If you use the Granite Gold Polish regularly after the cleaner, your surfaces will have their natural beauty brought out. Also it will just be an added layer of protection from water and of course those pesky fingerprints that none of us like.

Using this product inside the shower will help keep lime build-up at bay which is a super plus. It is not recommended to use the Granite Gold Polish on floors as it makes them too slippery. Along with these three products, Granite Gold also has outdoor cleaners, shower cleaners and also a floor cleaner. No matter where you have granite surfaces in your home, you can be sure that Granite Gold will help them stay looking brand new.

Written by: It's Peachy Keen


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