5 Tips for Using Natural Stone in Your Garden

Natural Stone for Garden
The aesthetics of landscaped vegetation combined with natural-stone arrangements dates back to the days of ancient Greece, where sculptors copied the techniques of the Egyptians, first with bronze and earthenware before moving on to marble. Later, ancient Greek explorers learned about the massive Mesopotamian gardens, which made them shift their focus on combining marble structures with meticulously kept vegetation. By the end of the Roman Empire, gardens with small fountains, statues, and cut natural stone were no longer exclusive to wealthy residences. In fact, expansive courtyards were part of multifamily villas occupied by commoners. Natural stone can accentuate the beauty of any garden. Even if your landscaping is mostly limited to green grass without plants, shrubs, or trees, you can still apply some of the ideas listed below. 1. Make Stone the Focal Point Natural-stone fountains, birdbaths, and sculptures can be very classy garden ornaments, but they can also be quite pricey. However, you can choose affordable replicas made with synthetic materials, then build a nice base or raised platform made of natural-stone tiles or mini-slabs. The ultimate focal point for your garden could be a small gazebo with a stone tile floor. 2. Create a Walking Path A walking path is a traditional use of natural stone in a garden setting. Instead of concrete or gravel, outdoor tiles made from slate or limestone will augment the look of your outdoor spaces, particularly if you combine colors and patterns along the outer edges. Garden pathways are smart alternatives to laying out mulch around plants. 3. Add Stone to the Courtyard If you wish to completely transform your front yard or back patio, you may want to search online for courtyard plans to get an idea of how your property will look with this significant improvement. Choices for incorporating natural stone in a courtyard include planters, walkways, raised platforms, decks, and low walls. 4. Build a Patio Lounge A patio lounge is another classic application of natural stone in outdoor spaces. Covered lanais and Florida rooms that feature granite tiles tend to be cooler thanks to the natural properties of this stone to retain lower temperatures. Like all other types of natural stone, granite can be easily maintained with a specially formulated spray-and-wipe granite cleaner. 5. Install an Outdoor Kitchen A summer kitchen is the perfect addition for a home that already has a swimming pool. This project requires professional installation, as it may involve a sink, wet bar, barbecue grill, and/or fire pit. Granite countertops are an ideal choice for outdoor kitchens thanks to their looks, durability, and ease of maintenance. Even if you expect the counter surfaces to be exposed to sunlight a few hours each day, you can still choose a polished finish as long as you frequently reapply granite sealer. Granite Gold® are the Stone Care Experts with a long history of stone care expertise that spans three generations and dates back to the 1950s. If you’d like some simple tips on cleaning and sealing granite, marble, limestone, slate, and other types of natural stone, visit our blog or give us a call at 1-800-475-STONE.

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