How to Choose an Optimal Granite Cleaner

A counter benefiting from granite cleaner.

Quality granite countertops can be the centerpieces of a kitchen if not the entire home. Keeping your countertops looking sublime over their lifetime is essential, not only to maintain aesthetics but also to avoid the steep cost of replacement. Unfortunately, because of the nature of the kitchen countertop, there are plenty of disasters waiting to happen. Coffee, red wine, and oil spills are common issues, along with other types of organic stains and rust stains. Investing in a high-quality granite cleaner is key to preserving your countertops and protecting them over time.


What to Look for in a Granite Cleaner

When selecting a commercial granite cleaner, look for a product from a reputable company that has decades of experience in the field. You want a food-safe product that allows for easy application and deep cleaning without damaging the integrity of the granite. You also want to ensure your cleaner beautifies the surface, leaving it streak-free. 

Make sure to avoid common household cleaners, which are not formulated for granite or other natural stone or quartz, and instead opt for a stone-safe cleaner like Granite Gold® Daily Cleaner. Our granite cleaner preserves and protects the beauty and durability of your granite while providing a streak-free finish that is food safe and free of phosphates and ammonia.



How to Combat Granite Countertop Stains

Accidents, spills and stains on kitchen surfaces are unavoidable. Knowing how to remedy stains and discolorations and keep your granite clean is key to maintaining a beautiful kitchen.

Natural stone is inherently a porous material. Granite isn’t as porous as marble, but it has greater porosity compared to onyx and quartz. As such, a pool of moisture will seep in quickly if you don’t clean it up ASAP. Naturally, if you previously applied a protective sealant, it can help make your granite stain-resistant by giving you time to clean. It’s important, though, to reseal from time to time since granite absorbs liquid easily. Investing in a high-quality granite sealer from Granite Gold can provide maximum surface protection against stains and etches.

Granite countertops are subjected to daily wear and tear, particularly in the kitchen. Multiple types of stains can mar the looks of a granite countertop, and they all must be dealt with in different ways. Below, we walk you through the main types of granite stains and the proper granite stain remover techniques for each. 


Oil Stains

Oil stains on a kitchen countertop are extremely common, as oils of all types (including olive oil, canola oil, and vegetable oil, among others) are used in cooking. Yet acids like cooking oils can damage the sealant. If not cleaned up quickly, oils can seep into the granite but will not evaporate as water will.

First, you must work to absorb the grease and dirt with paper towels, dabbing gently to ensure you aren’t forcing molecules into the pores of the granite. After absorbing as much of the oil as you can, clean the remaining spots with either Granite Gold Daily Cleaner or Granite Gold Clean & Shine. Both products are pH balanced, which means the chemicals won’t negatively react with the granite surface to damage its appearance. 

Should you notice that a dark spot has formed the next day, use a mixture of baking soda with acetone, mixed to the consistency of pancake batter. Allow the mixture to sit for 24 hours, then remove and rinse with water. Understand that sometimes with oil stains, it can take two or three times to fully remove the damage.


Organic Stains

Organic stains cover a wide range of stains, including those from food products, mold, mildew, plant runoff (dirt and soil), and even urine from a wayward pet who jumps on your counter. 

For all organic stains, bleach can be a safe choice. Place a bleach-soaked paper towel or white terry towel on the affected area. Allow the towel to sit for 24 hours, and then rinse the surface with water. Alternatively, you can spray bleach onto the stain, use a soft nylon brush to eradicate the stain, and rinse with water afterward. Understand that bleach is a benign agent to use on natural stone, but that it must be rinsed afterward every time it’s used.

Of course, bleach is not the ideal choice when it comes to gently cleaning granite. Instead, relying on products stone care experts have used for decades can ensure you keep your natural countertops clean and shiny. You should certainly not rely on bleach for daily cleaning. It will dull the professional finish and wear away the protective seal.


Rust Stains

Although not especially common, rust stains on granite can certainly detract from the overall look of your countertop. While in many cases you would want a professional stone restoration specialist to deal with rust stains, there are some steps you can take to remedy them. 

Ideally, you want to avoid rust stains in the first place, which means not exposing surfaces to water. Properly sealing natural stone can help keep rust stains from seeping deep into the granite. A sealed granite counter protects it from spills and stains penetrating the surface. It is important to understand that sealing isn’t a “one-and-done” process and that periodic resealing of the granite is important.

To combat stubborn rust stains, pour (or spray) 3%-4% hydrogen peroxide on the affected area, using a safe-on-stone scrub pad or nylon brush, and allow it to sit for 24 hours, and then rinse the stained area with water. If stains don’t seem to go away even after the above recommendations below, you may need to contact a professional stone restoration specialist. 

At Granite Gold®, We’re Your Trusted Partner in Natural Stone Care

Needless to say, sometimes stains are unavoidable, but proper planning and cleaning can often thwart issues before they happen. Using a coaster for coffee mugs and wine glasses can certainly help, as can placing a plate under oil bottles and relying upon a stone-safe cleaner to clean messes before they seep in.

At Granite Gold, we’re a third-generation family of stone care experts and we are here help you maintain the beauty and elegance of your granite countertops. Visit Granite Gold or call 800-475-7866 to learn how our premium products can help maintain your natural stone surfaces.


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