Choosing a Granite Slab for Your Countertops

Granite Slab Countertops

Whether you’re choosing a new granite slab for your new kitchen or bathroom or just upgrading your existing countertops, color, veins, and patina are crucial. While some homeowners might settle for the first complete slab they chance upon, it’s a good idea to keep searching until you get the perfect product for your interior décor. Here is an essential checklist to help you choose the ideal granite slab, brought to you by the Stone Care Experts at Granite Gold®.

Match the Colors

Matching your granite to the cabinet finish can be a delicate task. This is why many homeowners prefer buying the granite and modifying the cabinet doors and kitchen colors to match the granite. If you really want a specific color, take color samples of your cabinet finish, floors, and walls with you when hunting for your slab. A couple of pictures can also help you get the right granite color faster. Your granite slab doesn’t need to be the same exact color as your cabinet doors or kitchen floor. In fact, a little bit of contrast will make the colors pop more. The idea is to match colors and create a lively kitchen. Dark cherry wood cabinetry might look better with light-colored granite. For instance, beige granite with brown speckles. An already bright kitchen would be perfect for darker granite.

Consider the Lighting

Granite countertops interact with light to make a kitchen or bathroom glow. Get your lighting right before choosing your granite slab. A bright kitchen will look cozy with dark black or deep blue granite. If you prefer the room darker or don’t have many huge windows, go for brighter granite with a lot of white, gold, or light-colored specks.

Don’t Be Shocked by the Price

Granite can be expensive, but it is the most durable and aesthetically appealing material you can use for countertops, which means it’s worth paying a little more for quality. The prices may be even higher when shopping for rare colors or something with unique and flawless veins. Browsing online before doing the actual shopping may prevent you from panicking once you see the price tags.

Look at Several Slabs Before Making the Decision

Make sure to inspect the actual granite slab before purchasing. Like any other natural stone, granite is rarely consistent in color and design, and you must be sure you can accommodate any changes in color or patina across the slab. Before sealing the deal, look at a couple of similarly colored slabs to find the one that perfectly matches your ideal décor.

Hire a Fabricator

Once you’ve selected your slab, you will need a fabricator to convert it into your dream countertops. Only a reputable fabricator can guarantee maximum material utilization with minimum possibility of damages. Ask your contractor or granite slab vendor for a recommendation and make sure the fabricator gives you samples before you entrust your precious granite. After you’ve had your counters installed, make sure to clean them regularly with a specially formulated granite countertop cleaner. At Granite Gold®, we offer effective solutions for cleaning, sealing, and polishing stone surfaces. Give us a call at 1-800-475-STONE to learn more.

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