Proper Care for Your Zodiaq Countertops

An image of Zodiaq countertops.

The solid surface material developed by DuPont and originally known as Corian is now a parent brand for various construction materials. A few years ago, DuPont acquired Zodiaq, a respected quartz brand, and for a while it was known as DuPont Zodiaq. Celebrity home improvement expert Martha Stewart got involved with Corian promotion around 2010. Things got a bit confusing for homeowners who were familiar with either Zodiaq or Corian, which is why DuPont decided to go with Corian Quartz as the new brand name for its engineered stone products. Whether you plan on having Corian Quartz installed or moved into a home where Zodiaq countertops were previously installed, what you should know about caring for this surface is as follows.

Know That Corian Quartz Isn’t the Same as Original Corian

The original solid surface material formulated by DuPont is made with bauxite ore and advanced resins. Corian Quartz is engineered stone fabricated with the prestige of the DuPont brand. It’s important to acknowledge this difference because Corian countertops require very little maintenance, but this isn’t the case with the material formerly known as Zodiaq. To a great extent, Corian has more in common with ceramic tile, while Zodiaq has more in common with natural stone.

Don’t Worry About Having to Use Sealant

When installed, some Corian Quartz slabs look just like fine Carrara marble, and this is because of their high quartz mineral content, but the level of maintenance is different. Even if you already know how to seal natural stone, you won’t need to utilize these skills if you have Zodiaq countertops. At the end of the fabrication process, a permanent seal is applied to Zodiaq surfaces, thus freeing you from the worry of having to reseal.

Avoid Using Common Household Cleaners

A specially formulated Zodiaq cleaner such as Granite Gold Quartz Brite® is your best bet for cleaning Zodiaq surfaces. You shouldn’t use common household cleaners because many of them have high levels of acidity. For example, oven cleaner, ammonia, and lye have a very high alkaline content that could damage Zodiaq if used frequently. Corrosive substances such as paint strippers should also be kept away from Zodiaq.

Avoid Spills, Scratches, and Burns

Engineered stone is still stone, which means Zodiaq has the potential of being scratched by sharp objects or burned by very hot objects such as curling irons or pots coming out of the stove. Make sure to use cutting boards and pads to protect your Zodiaq kitchen surfaces. You won’t have to worry about water spots, but spills from liquids that have the potential to stain should be wiped up right away.

When it comes to caring for Zodiaq, quartz, and other types of engineered stone, Granite Gold® has just what you need to keep your countertops looking beautiful. If you have natural stone such as granite, marble, or slate in your home, we’ve also got you covered, from high-quality granite sealer to outdoor stone cleaner. Give us a call today at 1-800-475-STONE (7866) if you have any questions. Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter to receive additional stone care tips as well as special offers.


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