3 Things You Need to Do to Properly Care for Your Corian Quartz

Care for Corian Countertops San Diego, CA
In the late 1960s, around the same time DuPont engineers invented the synthetic materials we call solid surfaces, an Italian company was putting the final touches on the fabrication process of engineered stone. While Breton was eventually credited with the creation of quartz in the early 1970s, DuPont had already introduced its Corian solid surface construction material to the North American home building market. A few years ago, DuPont purchased the Zodiaq brand of quartz for the purpose of integrating it with Corian. For this reason, homeowners must now ensure whether their Corian countertops are either made of quartz, which mostly features silicon dioxide, or classic solid surface materials, which mostly feature aluminum hydroxide. In the United States, there’s a longer history of countertops made from Corian solid surfaces than Corian quartz. Even though Corian quartz has been trending over the last few years, quite a few homeowners and interior designers still choose solid surface for new or remodeled kitchens and bathrooms. The three Corian maintenance tips below apply to both solid surface and quartz countertops. 1. Clean with Quartz Cleaner Corian solid surfaces are almost like ceramic in the sense that you can use just about any type of cleaner, but this doesn’t apply to Corian quartz. You should only use quartz cleaner such as Granite Gold Quartz Brite® on Corian quartz tiles and slabs. Granite Gold Quartz Brite® is also safe to use on classic Corian solid surface material. 2. Use Non-Abrasive Cleaning Tools DuPont is known for making some of the toughest materials known to mankind, but quartz and solid surfaces aren’t made with Kevlar fiber. When cleaning your Corian countertops, don’t test their resilience with steel wool or metallic brushes. If you need to scrub or scrape caked-in stains, you should only do so with a stone-safe scrub pad such as Granite Gold Scrub Sponge®. 3. Keep the Counters Shiny If your Corian quartz has a glossy finish, buffing the surface with microfiber cloth after applying a combination quartz and Corian polish and cleaner like Granite Gold Quartz Brite® is all you have to do to keep it shiny. You won’t need to seal the countertops. Older Corian solid surface countertops may lose their gloss after a decade or so, in which case you may need resurfacing. Many of the above tips for caring for Corian quartz, with some slight differences, also apply to caring for natural stone. Care for your granite, marble, travertine, or other natural stone properly by using the high-quality stone-safe cleaner, sealer, and polish provided by Granite Gold®. If you have any questions about caring for quartz or natural-stone surfaces, don’t hesitate to call the Stone Care Experts at 1-800-475-STONE (7866). Also, make sure to like our Facebook page to receive regular updates and tips related to stone and quartz care.

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