HAPPY HANDYMAN: Granite Gold works wonders on granite, stone

Clean Makeup Stains on Natural Stone San Diego, CA
Published By Trudy Chuoke, Happy Handyman December 31, 2018 Taking care of granite is not rocket science like they make you think. It’s simple as long as you have the right products. Granite Gold products are a family business of stone care installers, and restoration and I can’t think of anyone better than that to know about granite. They have a three-step process that includes daily cleaning, sealers and polishers. If your granite is newly installed I promise your installation will NOT include sealing the granite. So seal it yourself with Granite Gold Sealer. Spray a three-foot area and wipe into the stone with a lint-free cloth. Buff dry with a lint-free cloth. I would repeat the process two more times. Granite Gold Sealer is food safe, non-toxic, non-acidic and biodegradable. Sealing will create a barrier to protect your stone against staining, etching and soil build-up. I would suggest sealing at least once a year. If you have older granite that does not shine like it used to Granite Gold makes a polish that enhances shine and luster. Spray Granite Gold Polish onto stone surfaces and then buff with a paper towel or lint-free cloth and then wipe dry with another paper towel. You can use this polish on granite, marble and all other natural stone and quartz surfaces. And it’s as simple as that! Remember everything is easy if you know how to do it, and you have the right product. And that’s my job to tell you about it. Your job is to follow through and one other thing … share your knowledge with your neighbor. Happy New Year! Now to the email … Question: Trudy I have a fiberglass door that faces west, and it has faded and looks dull. Is there a quick fix that I could do that would perk it up for a while? Answer: If it’s just faded and dull then you can use SunShield on the door. SunShield is made for wood doors, but it does wonders for fiberglass doors, too. Start with a clean door. Then apply a quarter-sized amount of SunShield on a soft rag and start polishing the door. After the door is dry, you can apply a second coat. If your fiberglass door has lost all of its color, you can apply a cost of Old Masters Gel Stain in the color of the original stain. Remember very thin coats. Call me if this is your project … I will walk you through it. Question: I want to give my granddaughter her mother’s childhood rocking chair. The finish looks OK, but some of the rungs and armrests are loose. I know I will have to take it apart, sand and then apply wood glue and clamp it back together. Do you have any suggestions to make this project go easier? Answer: Use a product called Chair-Lok, or WonderLok’em … it’s the same product. Chair-Lok is powerful glue that has 4,000 psi of holding power. You don’t have to take your rocker apart. This glue will come with a dropper that you attach to the glue bottle nozzle. Then apply a few drops in the areas where the rocker is loose. Do not over apply. You will not need to clamp the loose joint. It might take you five minutes. Does this sound easier? Question: I just had the worst luck when I removed some light bulbs outside. They were so stuck that they broke before I could remove them. I finally was able to get them out completely. Should I put something around the bases so that they don’t get so stuck? Answer: This is an easy fix; apply di-electric grease on the bulb base before installing the bulb. It will not dry out, and the bulb will be easier to remove next time. Great Question! If you cannot find the products mentioned here locally, you can find them at www.happyhandyman .com . Click on Shop Johnnie’s Favorites, or call the store at 210-341-1573. Email Trudy Chuoke Lesage at happyhandyman2@yahoo.com. Mail can be sent to Johnnie Chuoke’s Home and Hardware, 2361 NW Military, San Antonio, TX 78231.

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