5 Reasons to Pick Granite Instead of Ceramic Tile

Granite Versus Ceramic Tile
The importance of choosing the right construction materials for flooring and counter surfaces boils down to more than just looks. Over the last few years, laminate materials have been heavily marketed to homeowners due to their modern engineering, lower cost, and ease of installation, but ceramic and granite are two materials that have proven to retain their relevance and superiority over laminate tiles. For most homeowners, granite will make more sense than ceramic for their countertops and floors, and here are five reasons granite will often emerge as the better choice. 1. The All-Natural Look To some extent, both ceramic and granite can be considered to come from natural sources. However, there is far more engineering of synthetic substances involved in the manufacturing of modern ceramic tiles. The production of ceramic tile is similar to engineered granite in the sense that natural materials are still part of the process. Nonetheless, interior decorators will tell you the most natural look will always be granite extracted from quarries and cut into slabs or tiles. 2. Historical Appeal The architects and builders of ancient structures such as the Egyptian pyramids preferred the look and durability of natural stone. The first use of ceramic tiles as a construction material took place thousands of years after the pyramids, but the earliest stone tiles have been found in Tunisian mosques dating back to the 9th century. 3. Durability The molecular density of granite makes it one of the hardest natural stones in use today. Although ceramic can be molded to make bulletproof surfaces, this specialized use is not typical in the residential construction industry. Homeowners who want their floors and countertops to last should choose granite. 4. Simple Maintenance Ease of maintenance has been a major selling point of glazed ceramic tiles. However, the same can be said about granite these days. The porosity of metamorphic stones such as granite used to be a concern for homeowners, but the reality of modern granite slabs and tiles is that they can be finished and coated with a strong seal that is easy to clean and can also be frequently resealed with a stone-safe spray-and-wipe granite sealer. In other words, homeowners can safely choose granite knowing they will be able to maintain it themselves without having to hire professionals to clean and reseal their floors and counters. 5. High Home Value Granite has been an interior decoration trend for nearly three decades. Homebuyers are known to actively look for properties that feature granite installations, particularly kitchen counters. As long as this residential construction trend continues, homes with granite surfaces will boast higher values than those that feature ceramic tiles. For tips on how to clean granite, get in touch with Granite Gold® today. All of our products are safe to use on all types of natural stone, not just granite. From marble and limestone to slate and travertine, you can keep the stone in your home looking amazing with the help of our cleaning, sealing, and polishing products. Call 1-800-475-STONE to learn more.

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