Granite Gold® is Liquid Gold for Stone Counters

Care for Marble Counters
Published by Mom Blog Society, August 16, 2018 When we were looking to purchase our first home over a decade ago, one of the biggest must-have items on my checklist for our purchase was that the kitchen had stone counters. I am partial to marble or granite, but quartz or travertine are absolutely stunning, and I would have been thrilled with any of them. Unfortunately, as we were looking I noticed the stone counters in almost every single home we toured weren’t in great shape. They were dull, chipped, and stained. They weren’t the testament to the beauty and durability the design magazines promised. If you’re planning on installing granite or quartz, ask your installer for the Granite Gold Protection Plan®. For five years, you’re covered against accidental damage like stains, chips, and scratches. Ultimately, we ended up purchasing a home without stone counters. We figured we could upgrade and remodel on our own later on and that way I could have what I absolutely loved. It was a good plan, and one of the biggest tips I got from the contractors installing the counters was regarding using proper stone cleaning products and techniques. THAT, they said, was why those stone countertops in the homes we toured looked terrible. They weren’t being cleaned OR treated properly. So, I did my research and found the absolute best product for cleaning AND polishing my stone countertops–Granite Gold Clean & Shine®.

Why Use Granite Gold Clean & Shine® Instead of Bleach or Multi-Purpose Sprays?

Common household cleaners like bleach or other kitchen cleaners often contain harsh and abrasive chemicals that can damage natural stone by breaking down the protective seal and making the stone at risk for stains, etches and dullness; eventually leading to costly repair or replacement. What’s more, natural stone is actually porous, which means natural-stone counters that aren’t regularly polished and sealed run a higher risk for cross-contamination of bacteria during food preparation. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had salmonella once in my lifetime. That isn’t an experience I ever want to see a rerun of. Granite Gold Clean & Shine® is different from other common household cleaners on the market in that it is specially formulated specifically for use on all natural stone and quartz surfaces. It is safe to use on all food-prep surfaces.

Dual Purpose Cleaning and Polishing

Part of the issue a lot of homeowners have with maintaining their natural-stone counters is that it requires regular polishing to maintain its natural beauty. It is an additional step in caring for the stone counters to extend their lifespans and keep them looking beautiful for as long as you have them. As a mom of three, I don’t always have the time or energy to take that extra step. I’m a “one-and-done” kinda gal. Granite Gold Clean & Shine® recognizes that people don’t always want to spend extra time wiping the same counters with more than one product. That is why it is a dual-purpose cleaner and polisher in one. Each bottle contains the potency of Granite Gold Daily Cleaner® with the brilliance of Granite Gold Polish®. Granite Gold® brand stone-care products are safe on all natural-stone and quartz surfaces, including floors. Although, be careful using the polish on stone floors. Remember the scene from Poltergeist where CarolAnne is sliding across the kitchen floor after it’s been waxed? That would be a regular occurrence. Although maybe not because of dark spirits or being built on top of a graveyard. But because the floor will be like a skating rink. Still, porous natural stone counters cannot be over-polished. Using a stone cleaner and polish will help maintain the beautiful, glossy look you fell in love with in the first place. Granite Gold® is a top-selling stone-care product line available in grocery, hardware, mass merchant and specialty store channels throughout the U.S. and internationally. Whether it is quartz, granite, slate, marble, or whatever slab of natural stone or quartz you’ve got as a counter–Granite Gold® has a product that is perfect for maintaining the natural beauty of the counters you likely paid a pretty penny for. For me, Granite Gold® Clean & Shine is the one essential cleaner I have in my kitchen. It cleans, polishes, and leaves everything smelling fresh and clean all in one easy step.

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