Granite Gold Countertop Protection Plan Now Available at Lowe’s

Granite Gold Countertop Protection Plan Now Available at Lowe’s

Program Covers Repairs for Common, Accidental Damages Poway, CA – February 3, 2022 –

Homeowners planning a kitchen or bath countertop remodel can rest assured they’re protected against the most common, accidental damages with the Granite Gold® Countertop Protection Plan, now available nationwide at Lowe’s. While most new countertops come with a manufacturer warranty that protects the integrity of the surface material, Granite Gold Countertop Protection Plan expands coverage with a broad range of accidental damages such as chips, pitting, scratches, etching, household stains, hard water marks and deposits, and problems with the caulking, grout and joints.

Customers can choose from five years of protection for $299 or 10 years of protection for $399, with no additional costs or limits on claims. “With our stone care products, we cover every stone care need to help homeowners easily protect their natural-stone and quartz surfaces. The Protection Plan follows that same mission by helping them protect their new countertops against the most common accidental damages,” said Lenny Sciarrino, president/CEO and co-founder of Granite Gold Inc. The top-rated Granite Gold Daily Cleaner, Granite Gold Sealer and Granite Gold Polish have been available at Lowe’s since 2015.

Homeowners who have made a significant investment in their homes shouldn’t have to worry about the “what ifs” that are bound to happen with their new countertops. Seeing accidental damage on their new kitchen or bath countertops will surely give them cause for heartache. That sense of panic is eliminated, knowing help is on the way because they purchased the Granite Gold Countertop Protection Plan. When accidents do happen, homeowners can easily file a claim within 30 days the damage occurred, and an authorized technician will soon be at their home to repair the surface at no additional cost. “Customers contact us daily looking for help, whether it’s a stain or a chip or other accidental damage on their countertops. They’ve spent a lot of money on their countertops; they’re now distraught and asking how to fix the damage,” said Sciarrino. “These types of damages can be quite expensive to repair. That’s why we created the Protection Plan – to put customers at ease. They don’t have to go through the anxiety of searching for a qualified technician or the additional cost of the repair.”

The Countertop Protection Plan must be purchased prior to installation. Covered surfaces include granite, quartz, quartzite, marble, slate, soapstone and solid surface. For more information, visit or watch the video.


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