6 Types of Exotic Granite Found Around the World

Exotic Granite Types
As an igneous and metamorphic rock, granite is often chosen as a natural-stone building material due to its variety of patterns, colors, and textures, and also because granite care is relatively easy to manage. The combination of quartz and feldspar materials along with any number of crystals and minerals is what makes granite distinctive. Although there are similarities among the slabs and tiles extracted from quarries in various regions around the world, some are considered more exotic than others. Here are six types of granite known for their exotic origins. 1. Aswan From a historical point of view, this type of granite is the most precious and exotic because it was used to build Cleopatra’s Needle, which sits in Westminster as a gift from a former ruler of the previously unified kingdom of Egypt and Sudan. Many sarcophagi were made with blocks from the Aswan quarries along a valley of the Nile. These days, this stonework city is a museum. 2. Balaban Also known as Verde Kiwi, this extremely durable and attractive granite comes from one of the few quarries that operate in Turkey, a country that holds large granite deposits located at extreme heights. Therefore, mining for this stone is limited to a single quarry. 3. Giallo Veneziano The stunning patterns of this granite come from the Goias state of Brazil, not far from the political capital city of Brasilia. The town of Nova Veneza is blessed with a massive quarry that produces prodigious amounts of this yellow, golden, and black natural stone. The tone and patterns of Giallo Veneziano are only found in this quarry. However, the sheer amount of extraction makes it an affordable option. 4. Grigio Sardo Although Italy is mostly known for its marble industry, some of the finest granite is extracted from quarries located around the country’s many active volcanoes. Grigio Sardo looks like a futuristic army camouflage pattern and is often used for exteriors. 5. Mendoza Black This type of granite is extracted from Galician quarries located in the northwestern region of Spain, close to Portugal. Its exotic provenance is mostly due to the small size of the quarries and their frequent use in the construction of elaborate Catholic churches. The look of Mendoza Black is mostly cream colored with dark specks. 6. Green River In the Wyoming desert, a former lake has been turned into a quarry that contains the richest concentration of fossilized granite in the world. The slabs are carefully cut to preserve the various fossil species, which are often displayed as prehistoric art. Whether you opt for one of the above types of granite or another type, make sure you purchase a high-quality granite daily cleaner to keep your countertops looking as good as new. Granite Gold Daily Cleaner® is safe to use on granite as well as all other types of natural stone, including marble, limestone, travertine, and slate. If you’d like tips on caring for your natural stone, get in touch with Granite Gold® today at 1-800-475-STONE.

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