Easy Spring Cleaning Tips for Natural Stone

Easy Spring Cleaning Tips for Natural Stone
Published by Staying Close to Home, March 10. 2019
When it is cold outside, indoor organization and cleaning projects seem to dominate my chores list. When it is nice outside, I rather weed my garden than organize a closet. Why not make those indoor chores move along more easily with the effective, safe and earth friendly cleaning products. There are a lot of cleaning products on the market, but some can actually hurt your natural stone surfaces. I know I don’t want to even start to get estimates on repairing our natural stone countertops. More importantly our schedules are busy and finding time to properly protect and clean our natural stone surfaces just got easier.

How to Protect Your Granite Countertops

1. Clean your countertops with Granite Gold Daily Cleaner:

  • Unlike some surface cleaners, this one is streak-free and safely deep-cleans granite, marble and other natural stone surfaces. It quickly removes all types of spills and soils from natural stone and quartz surfaces.
  • It has a wonderful citrus scent so you don’t mind using it. I have used some other products that sends the kids out of the room when I use it.
  • It is safe for food-preparations surfaces. How many times has your child picked off food from the counter after you just cleaned it and ate it, only thinking that has chemicals on it.
Easy Spring Cleaning Tips for Natural Stone

2. Seal your Granite Countertops:

  • Did you know you should seal your countertops frequently to maintain long lasting resistance to staining and etching?
  • When you are in a hurry after dinner one night, after you have cleaned the countertops, simply use the Granite Gold Sealer Wipes for a quick and easy seal. Plus you only have to use one hand.

3. Polish your Granite Surfaces

  • Granite Gold Polish quickly and easily enhances the shine and luster of granite.
  • Prevents soap scum build up in a natural stone surface shower as well.

How to Protect Granite Counter tops Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring means muddy paws and shoes tracking in your doorway. The thought of bringing out a mop and bucket filled with water and floor cleaner is not going to happen. What if you could just simply Squeeze cleaner and Mop it and move on?

Clean Your Stone Floor in One Step

Granite Gold Squeeze & Mop Floor Cleaner is calling your name for quick and easy clean ups. Whether you want to clean your entire surface of just a few spots the job is done in minutes.
Want to get some of this great Granite Gold product? The Daily Cleaner and Polish are currently available at your local Publix store! You can also find Granite Gold products onlineas well as at Bed Bath & Beyond, Home Depot, Lowe’s and Walmart.

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