How to Add Natural Stone to Small, Unique Spots in the Home

Small, Unique Spaces Using Natural Stone San Diego, CA
The use of natural stone for interior decoration purposes is a trend that never goes out of style, and this doesn’t have to be limited to flooring or countertops. Just about any living space in your home can be accented with natural stone, and this includes smaller and more intimate spaces. The timeless appeal of stones such as marble, granite, and limestone is that they bring Mother Nature's unique way of creating beauty right into your house. Here are some ideas to incorporate natural stone into the smaller interior spaces of your dwelling. Powder Rooms Usually located in a niche corner of bedrooms or bathrooms, powder rooms are always delightful for household members or guests who care about their appearance. Let's say you have a half bathroom with just a toilet and a sink for guests. This is an excellent starting point for a powder room project, and you can get started with a decorative mirror, lighting, and few natural-stone panels. The cost of this project depends on whether you wish to cover the sink counter with a slab that would need to be cut and installed. Otherwise, installing a few stone panels to surround the mirror shouldn’t cost too much. Small Kitchen Center Island Quite a few designer kitchens feature a long center island that looks like it could be on the set of a Food Network show. However, smaller center islands for the kitchen can be as simple as carts you can purchase for less than $200, and they can be augmented with a marble or granite countertop. If you intend to use this kitchen surface for high-volume food preparation, your best bet is to maintain it daily with granite cleaner and frequent applications of natural-stone sealant. Here's a quick video explaining how to use Granite Gold Daily Cleaner®: You can also keep your natural stone clean by using convenient granite all-surface wipes. Granite Gold All-Surface Wipes® are safe to use on granite, marble, travertine, and all types of natural-stone surfaces, and you can use them on quartz as well. Bedroom Backboard In lieu of creating an accent wall in your bedroom, you also have the option of shopping around for natural-stone remnants that can be used to build an accent backboard. Tiles or slabs can be refinished or cut into panels for this project, which can also be made into a colorful mosaic featuring various types of stone. Table Tops or Desk Surfaces This is another project that can be made with stone remnants, and it can involve a desk, night tables, coffee tables, or corner tables. Keep in mind that contractors often order overage material for flooring or large countertop projects, often as much as 10 percent, which means you may be left with smaller pieces of tiles or slabs that can be used to improve desks or tables. In the case of a home office where the desk sits against a wall, you can also use natural-stone remnants for backsplash accents. If you’d like to learn more about natural-stone care, reach out to the Stone Care Experts at Granite Gold®. Give one of our knowledgeable representatives a call at 1-800-475-STONE (7866), and sign up for our monthly newsletter for even more great tips.

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