3 Secrets to a Clean Kitchen

Secrets to a Clean Kitchen
The kitchen is the hub of the home. It’s usually found pretty central physical in the dimensions of your home, but more than that it’s literally the space where so much life, activity, and commotion takes place in each of our homes. Keeping the kitchen clean all the time can be a challenge, but doing so will help your whole home feel cleaner. Here are three secrets to a clean kitchen I’ve discovered after years of struggling to keep my counters clutter free. 1. Paper Clutter - Nothing clones itself quite like the paper pile. If you let even one scrap of paper sitting around, before you know it the paper will multiply and become a small stack. The next time you glance it will be a full on pile. Ditch the mail you don’t need as soon as it comes in the door. File away papers you need and pay the bills as soon as possible so your papers can all go away – and stay away! 2. Empty Sink - Don’t let any dishes linger in the sink. If you toss in a pile of dishes right after meal prep or after dinner is over, don’t let them sit over night. If you tackle the dishes immediately after they are used clean up effort is so much easier and keeping the sink empty keeps stress (and stink) at bay! Just do a quick rinse and toss those dishes right into the dishwasher. Right along with this is making sure your run that dishwasher regularly enough that it’s not sitting waiting for one more dish to make it “full” before you start it as that will leave you with a pile of rinsed dishes waiting for the next cycle. 3. Quick Wipe Down - This one is tricky to get into the habit of, but if you can it will be a huge time saver and make your whole home feel so much cleaner. After meals and snacks just wet a washcloth and quickly wipe down the counter. Because nothing has hardened onto your counter top, this literally should just take 30 seconds and you’re done. When you wait and food hardens onto the counter you have to put in the time scrubbing and don’t get to benefit from clean counters in the interim. I used Granite Gold Clean & Shine which both cleans and shines the granite in one quick wipe down. It brings all the power of Granite Gold Daily Cleaner and Granite Gold Polish into one easy formula to tackle two tasks in one. The cleaner also helps to resist build-up or spots from water, soap and scum and even the appearance of fingerprints! Granite Gold offers a full range of products to help you keep your home clean with ease. Their products help care for natural stone such as tile flooring and granite counters. They also have surface wipes and cleaners perfect for tackling both your counters and your stainless steel fixtures and appliances at the same time giving your whole kitchen a shine. You can take 20% off any 1 Granite Gold product now through June 1st, 2015, using the promo code “janel” at checkout.

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