The Best Granite Cleaners On The Market

Best granite cleaner used on a sink.

Natural stone surfaces like granite and marble add beautiful, unique character to any home. But without the proper care, these surfaces can become dull, stained, or damaged over time. That's why it's important to choose the right products specifically formulated to clean, protect, and maintain natural stone.

Why Granite Gold?

Granite Gold™ has been the industry leader in stone care and maintenance for over 30 years. What sets Granite Gold apart is their dedication to providing not just surface-level solutions, but deep-cleaning and protective products that penetrate below the surface. Their formulas are designed to lift grime, restore shine, and prevent future stains - without ever harming the integrity of the stone.

Additionally, Granite Gold offers specialty solutions targeted to specific stone types–whether it's granite, marble, travertine or another natural surface. By catering their products to the unique properties of each stone, Granite Gold ensures safe, customized care.

So if you want to keep your cherished natural stone surfaces looking like new for decades to come, choose the proven solutions from Granite Gold. Their unwavering commitment to understanding stone and developing safe, effective formulas makes them the go-to authority in stone care.

In the vast universe of home cleaning products, granite cleaners hold a unique position. But not all granite cleaners are created equal. Some stand out from the rest, offering superior cleaning power and protection for your precious stone surfaces.

Read on to learn about the best granite cleaners, sealers, and polish on the market.

The Benefits Of Using Cleaners, Sealers, and Polishes

Properly caring for natural stone surfaces like granite, marble, and travertine requires using the right stone-safe cleaners and sealers. Cleaners that are not specifically formulated for stone can contain acidic or abrasive ingredients that damage surfaces over time. The right natural stone cleaners gently lift dirt and stains without eroding the stone.

Additionally, applying a quality sealer to stone creates an invisible barrier that prevents stains from setting into the porous surface, while still allowing the stone to naturally breathe. Effective sealers shield against water, oils and acids. This protective coating makes regular maintenance easy - with spills and messes wiping away rather than leaving a mark.

Using compatible cleaners and sealers together ensures safe, effective stone care that keeps natural stone looking beautifully maintained for decades, without ever damaging what makes the stone unique in the first place - its enduring brilliance and authentic character.

The right maintenance routine leaves you free to enjoy natural stone surfaces without worry, keeping them sanitary while retaining their lasting shine and charm.

For Daily Cleaning: Keep Your Countertops Shining

For routine cleaning, opting for Granite Gold® Daily Cleaner is a wise decision. It strikes a balance between being mild and potent, eliminating dust and dirt without leaving any traces. It’s also harmless and suitable for surfaces where food is prepared. A swift spritz and swipe daily can ensure your countertops remain immaculate.

For Polishing Your Granite Countertops

Post-cleaning, an effective polish can add a gleam to your granite countertops. Granite Gold Granite Polish amplifies the innate gloss of your granite surfaces, bestowing upon them a renewed and lively appearance. It’s user-friendly and results in a sleek, shiny finish that’s bound to captivate.

For Sealing Your Granite Countertops

Sealing represents the concluding stage in the upkeep of your granite countertops. Granite Gold® Sealer forms a shield on your granite or other natural-stone surfaces, defending it from stains, etches and soil build-up. While it’s a straightforward procedure, it can significantly influence the durability and aesthetics of your granite surfaces.

See The Difference For Yourself!

Granite Gold provides an all-encompassing assortment of solutions for every granite cleaning requirement you might have. Whether it’s routine cleaning, intensive cleaning, polishing, or sealing, Granite Gold has everything you need. So, don’t delay! Treat your granite surfaces to the care they warrant with Granite Gold.


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