Deciding Between Getting Quartz or Granite for Your Home

Quartz or Granite: Which Should You Get for Your Home?

Granite has been the go-to luxury countertop material for over a decade, but other type...
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Ways to Choose the Right Color of Granite for Your Home

How to Choose the Right Color of Granite for Your Home

Granite comes in several different color options, from neutral blacks, browns, and whit...
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Questions that New Granite Homeowners Commonly Have

7 Common Questions for Homeowners Who Are New to Granite

Granite has been all the rage for many years, spreading not only from kitchen counterto...
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Latest Trends for Adding Granite to Your Home

Newest Trends for Using Granite in the Home

Granite countertops have been a top pick among homeowners for many years, but there are...
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Reasons You Shouldn't Install Granite Counters Yourself

Why You Shouldn’t Install Granite Counters Yourself

Nothing compares to the classic beauty of granite, marble, travertine, or any other nat...
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Why you Should Use Granite for Your Backyard Bar

5 Benefits of Using Granite for a Backyard Bar

An outdoor bar is the ideal way to enjoy beautiful weather, have fun with friends, and ...
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Dark Granite Counters

What Are the Pros & Cons of Dark Granite Counters?

Dark granite countertops, especially black and grey, are an absolute favorite among man...
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Clean Stone Floors

6 Types of Stone Floors & Their Awesome Colors

When it comes to choosing natural-stone tiles for the flooring in your home or office, ...
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Granite Slab Countertops

Choosing a Granite Slab for Your Countertops

Whether you’re choosing a new granite slab for your new kitchen or bathroom or just upg...
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Caring for Granite Countertops

How to Care for Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are both durable and beautiful, which is why granite is such a popu...
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Drawbacks of Granite Counters

5 Drawbacks of Granite Counters

Granite is one of the most popular countertop materials with good reason. While granite...
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How to Remove Water Stains from Granite

How to Clean Granite Countertop Water Stains

The use of granite for kitchen and bathroom countertops has exploded in popularity over...
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How to Choose the Right Granite Countertop

4 Tips for Choosing the Right Granite Countertops

Granite is one of the most popular countertop materials for good reason. In addition to...
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Kitchen Remodel

An Eye on Kitchen Remodel

What are the symptoms of a kitchen needing a remodel? Non-functioning cooktop burner...
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An image that says "Ask the Experts" for a blog about top spring cleaning tips.

Spring Cleaning: The Blog's Best Tips

Learn the top spring cleaning tips from our experts. Spring cleaning doesn't have to be that difficult with the Granite Gold® family!
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Tips For Tackling Holiday Messes

Top 6 Tips for Tackling Holiday Messes

Create a welcoming environment for your guests this holiday. From getting your home ready for company to tackling the messes, Granite Gold® has you covered.
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Ask The Experts

How to Clean Soapstone and Other FAQs

How can the Stone Care Experts help you? Just Ask the Experts or visit us on Facebook a...
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Summer Entertaining Tips

Coryanne's Tips on Prepping for Summer Parties, Protecting Granite Counters

Summer is finally here, and in our house that means our kitchen is busier than ever wit...
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Spring Ba-king Tips

Coryanne Ettiene's Recipe for Safe Food-Preparation Surfaces, Baking Tips and Short Crust Pastry

The beauty with having granite counters in my kitchen is that not only do they look ama...
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Coryanne Ettiene Tackles Spring Cleaing

Coryanne Ettiene Tackles Spring Cleaning

Join Coryanne Ettiene as she shares expert tips and tricks for tackling spring cleaning. Get insights on how to make your home shine and feel refreshed.
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